Maytech VESC for Sale [SOLD]

Hey everyone. I got a few spare Maytech VESC for future builds which don’t seem to be happening. I decided to sell them here. They are all brand new. I can solder on the xt-90 connectors for free. $5.99 for shipping. Here are some pics:

They are all 100% brand new. I am using one of them and had no problems in sensored BLDC. Ship from Belmont, CA US The price is $85 each PM me or visit my store:ZC Skate Shop Looking forward for some business :wink:

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This is an awesome deal if the vescs are good. Thank you for offering this.

I used sensored BLDC hybrid and I’ve never had problems. :hugs:

Very cool man

Any 40t flywheel pulley for 100mm All Terrian Wheels ?

not questioning you or anything, but are these legit? Don’t maytech ones have the cardboard logo thing at the top?

edit: I am questioning you, just want to know why these dont have them

I ripped it off if you meant the sticker that goes on top of the capacitors. I sold them all btw. This thread can be closed.


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