Maytech VESCs (UK/EU)

They is what they is… Maytech VESC’s 4.12

… and they is 4 of them

I purchased these brand new, from Maytech for a project that has now been superseded (you know how that goes) I paired two them and tested them with 2 motors, went up and down the street, then left it in the corner of the man cave and did other stuff.

So they’ve sat there, the 2 I’ve tested are pair via canbus have xt60s connected, the others are still in the box

£75 each plus postage

I will do a bit of a deal on a pair :wink:

Shipping cost to italy?

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to you? about 12 euros… pm me :grinning:

then total(€)?

PM ed you Fabio

Couple of these still available

left is the paired pair :roll_eyes:, £140 after fees can be unpaired of course

And sold on ebay