MB trucks&motor mounts needed (16" or so.)

Looking for used/new mountain board trucks (in the 16" range,) and motor mounts to fit them. Also, I could use a belt pulley (72 teeth or so.) If anyone has any ideas on how to make motor mounts, using bolt together items from Home Depot/Lowe’s, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

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I would highly unrecommend doing that. Your drive train is the most important structual thing because that is where all for force from the motors are given. Once you choose you trucks i can suggest asking either @akhlut or @Idea to make some for you. Also this forum is inactive because it is regarded as the old forum. long story short we have migrated to another forum called

forum. esk8. news

Here are the links to the people i tagged above. @Idea has not made a topic on the other forum yet so his info is still here. He can make any motor mount design you want

@akhlut stuff is here and he can make anything too, just pm him over at https://forum./t/stuff-akhlut-makes/16549


thats not going to end well, come to the other forum read more mounts can be had for cheap. Dickyhos kit comes to mind but his shop is down with the virus

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