MBOARDS New motor casings and bad bearings

I recently developed a somewhat nasty grinding noise from the rear of my Esk8. I just mounted new direct drive motors from MBoards. When I pulled the wheels off I found a failed bearing. Thank goodness the motors were ok. Guess I shoulda used new when I built the board instead of carrying the same bearings forward since I was in High School LOL.

Meanwhile, if you have MBoards DD’s, Mike is now selling replacement motor casings for when they get all beat up and you want a new set. Pretty easy to change. Just tap them off gently with a mallet and screwdriver.

A little vegetable oil (or some other very lightweight oil) and a rubber mallet will coax the new casings on.

Use a smalldriver and the mallet to line up the keyed slots. Then tap the casing the rest of the way home.

put the keyed O-ring back on…

wheel adapter back on… These are pretty small socket-cap screws. No need to crush them tight. I re-patched some of the thread (removable locktite) they didn’t all need it.

Sound check (without wheel bearings)…

Schweeet! Now just waiting for new wheel bearings (Bones) to show up.

How fast have you gone with those motors

Hi @MannyM0E good question. I’ve never dropped the hammer in the high setting. I bought my MBoards DD’s with 85mm Caguama’s. At my weight (165lb), Mike estimated my top speed with my 10S would be around 25-28 mph. I’m not interested in speed. I love to carve while I’m riding and keep my trucks pretty loose. I’d saying right around 20 mph is when the truck wobble starts to kick in.

Now I’m on TB 110mm wheels. The difference in speed (and off-the-line torque) is definitely noticeable. My cruising around town on the Orangatang’s was probably around 12-14 mph. Now on the 110’s, that same kind of riding with that same feeling of comfort and safety is more like 15-18 mph. I’m also old, so a spill at my age would be substantially bad. Any other ??s let me know.

What you think of 10s 107mm wheel How fast I would be able too go

and jack

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Only an estimate but would think 28-32mph which depends on your charge, your weight, the road grade(hill) and how smooth the road is.

Super pumped over here because the town just re-paved my entire neighborhood from this:


to this:


Still working at home (coronavirus). I’ve been riding every single day during my lunch hour if it’s not raining.