MBS 9" Fivestar hub spacers

Anyone have experience with @MBS wheels and associated spacers?

I’m in the process of fitting some bearings in order to mount to a Matrix II truck but the only spacers I had to hand were for Trampa 18.3mm

It seems like the required length should be another ~5mm?

Edit: Measured at 23.5mm between bearing seats

Did not see anything on the MBS webshop, surely not meant to run without spacers?

image image

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I use washers on my Rockstar 2


Do you mean a Trampa spacers and 5 x 1mm washers or a crazy amount of washers?

That’s a bit of a pain to line up?

I don’t have a load of 12mm washers, must get sum

@venom121212 has some rockstar as well if I remember right. Maybe he can help you.

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Use a socket if you have some extra

I may look at that aluminum spacers site @mmaner bangs on about


I use like 25x washers XD

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That would not work well, not least because my sockets are decent quality and also heavy, just not practical unless it’s an emergency, thanks tho

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Must sound like Santa’s coming to town when you’re close by :joy:

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Lol I have hundreds of thousands of different sockets so guess it was no big deal to shave one down and works good on mine. Of course not the snaps or the crafts but the harbor freights can get cut all day lol


I have fivestar but hole spacing is the same

I’ve gone the custom route, this seller agreed to cut down to 23.5mm length, cost was £17.50 delivered iirc

The OD is 15.9mm but I don’t think that would matter much at all if the nut is tightened normally, you should not be torquing the shit out of a m12 Nyloc nut on a esk8

Compared to my Aprila rear wheel which is 32mm & torqued to 120 NM (88 Ft-Lbs), in fact I fly @Grozniy over to do it for me :bear:

@MBS is there an official spacer for sale to avoid this route?


The ones that @idea sells in his kit are a hex shaped rod that’s threaded. I’m at work and just so happen to have a tiny version of one next to me for some odd reason…


wheel axle spacers?

Nah for the hub to attach to and space the wheel pulley. Or are we not talking about the same piece?

This is about the (nonexistent)spacer inside the MBS wheel, much bigger then that little standoff

Ahh I’m with you now. You’re welcome for the irrelevant picture!


Thank you for showing us your metal mickey :grin:


Long story here… but in short, we’ve never used spacers but recognise the assembly advantages so we’ll start making the available. To date, we’ve always just tightened the nut then backed it off until wheel spins freely (zero lateral stress on balls but without any play side to side). At that point the stresses are the same as a set-up with a spacer but you know for certain the outer races of the bearing are are contacting the hub. With respect to stress, whether it’s with a spacer or without, the big lateral stresses from a wheel predominately get carried by a single bearing. But yes, for assembly it’s 100% better to have the bearing because you can just crank down to the appropriate torque and be done. No feel required. The only disadvantage to spacers is they add a tolerance to the system. If the spacer is a little short it does nothing (except cause a rattle that can never be fixed). If too long then there is a small amount of lateral play introduced between hub and bearings. Not a problem if the amount is very small (i.e. well designed spacers with tight tolerance).


Thanks Joel, that makes sense.