MBS AT 100mm now come in Orange and Blue!

The orange is pretty bright lol.




Nice! Really want the blue to match my enertion trucks. Do they only ship to canada and US? that’s all that’s showing up for me when you pick country!

Here, take a look at this if you haven’t already…


Or maybe see if @fottaz is willing to bring some into his shop. He’s located in Italy.


Thanks man! I have emailed him about a potential group buy for UK.

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Nice! I would love to help you out with the group buy! I’m going to get some blue/orange too for my stock :slight_smile: I’ve not received your email yet

Hi @fottaz iv emailed the guy at mbs.com for a potential group buy just to see how many sets would need to be purchased to qualify for discount!

LOL ok!I hope so, but If you can’t find a good deal, I can help you, I’m based in EU, could be easier

Slight misunderstanding lol thanks though,the idea is to get the price down buying in bulk and cheap shipping,then they can be distributed for £2.90 to people in the UK

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yes, group buy :slight_smile: that’s what I meant too, if MBS won’t sell you anything wihtout VAT N for example, maybe I can help! Cheers