MBS FiveStar Hub Pulleys

Does anybody have an idea for hubs for MBS Fivestars? They look to have the same mounting holes as the Rockstars. I want to have the option of 9" tires. Im specifically looking at these pulleys and am wondering if they fit.

If not these, then which Pulleys can I use? (US source)

@Idea 's pulleys fit both. Question is do @marcmt88 's ? (I’ve asked Marc, he does not have Fivestars to test this)

I use idea’s 20mm wide pulley and love it. I can confirm the hole spacing is the same across all 5 hole pattern hubs from mbs.

The fivestar hubs have a hexagon shaped recess for the bolt holes that will most likely require a hex shaped, threaded stand off.

Like dis


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hmm the only problem with ideas is the euro location. Marc is comparatively down the street and I already have an order in from him for motor mounts. Im debating on if I should order the Pulleys before the mounts ship.

Maybe just mention to Marc about these hex standoffs and see what he thinks.

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Some pics to show the gap between wheel and pulley where the standoffs sit

@marcmt88 Takes a different approach to the pulleys. They seat almost flush on the hub by the looks of things:



Yes, flange is 4-5mm thick that seats flush against the hub.

Why such long stand offs? I have seen a bar of pulley material which explains why thee isn’t a flange but surely this limits distance between motors? The biggie motors maybe

Just room for extra belt width I suppose. I’ve got too much room between motors still. 20190208_093025

If anything longer standoffs would just increase wheel width


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Going to be printing these over the weekend and test fitting them on my current TriSpokes. Loosely based on Marcs design. image


Thiss guy builds some quality sheeat RIGHT HERE?? All I can say is Janax next tried helping that guy with his MBS wheel problem. I do actually need some myself for a new-build I’m working on…

This guyyyy!!! High quality.

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Just throwing it out there, I have wheel pulleys. IMG_20190616_103116_617 IMG_20190616_103116_619 IMG_20190616_103116_633



For the trispokes?

BMS Fivestar?

BMS Rockstar,Rockstar II and the Fivestar they have the same hole Patterns.

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Yeah no MBS trispokes are a rather old design. It’s what my 2nd hand board has on. I’ve ordered some cheap generic pulleys of AliExpress for now. Eventually I’ll be getting 5star wheels and will contact you then.


Yeah cool!