Hi. Not looking to pay $200 for trucks… Please advise. I have motor mounts for these trucks and a complete setup just trying to find them had a better price. Also, they come with 12 mil diameter shafts. All of my wheels are for 10Mm. Does anyone know how or where I could get the bearings to fit my MBS wheels??

I have a set Pro II and 12mm bearing for MBS wheels

trucks 160$

bearings 15$

your location?

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Still have the trucks?

Ok… Perfect. Please just confirm these are the MBS Matrix 2 Pro Trucks with the Metal Baseplate?? Can you send me a pic? I believe so… Just wanted to confirm and the 12 Mill bearings will help as well! Thx! :+1:

The MBS Matrix 2 pros are the ones with the composite base and the metal matrix II are the ones with the aluminum baseplate. those are 180$ a set. I have both, and thats the best price I can do right now on the metal matrix II

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Are they brand new? I think I would rather spend $20 extra for a brand new set. Also, what color bushings did you receive??

Brand new. I rairly sell second hand.

20190813_223206 20190813_223159

I have all 3 bushing red, yellow and orange