Mbs matrix II trucks loose?

i have these trucks all metal. Anyone got any ideas why thru bolt keeps coming loose on rides? It is new crown nut so shouldn’t back off but seen it unthread more than 1/2 inch so wanted to ask if anyone has seen this before or got a fix better than locktite… both front and rear truck thru bolts come loose and the washers start to make a ringing chiming sound when riding so i stop and tighten down again. annoying!

Hopefully @MBS can steer you in the right direction :+1:

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duh, should have pinged them 1st LOL thanks!

commiserating: I had this problem on my front trucks for the nylon truck base. it went away after i got the metal bases. I definitely had to tighten it every ride or it gave a big wobble at speed.

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well i reached out to mbs and they asked for pics so i sent a bunch but never heard back. well over a week now and lock tite is doing the job so no more jingling while riding. creepy damn feeling knowing bolt was backing out… will certainly keep ears open when riding but think work around is getting it done.