MBS - Mountainboard Build Pro97

Greetings. New to the forum and e-boards in general. Never seen one until I was working in the DC/NOVA area a few weeks back. I remember seeing all the safety gear the person was wearing thinking to myself a little over kill but ok. After hours of reading I learned what the boards were capable of and the gear didn’t seem so excessive.

I got the bug and I’m starting my first build. An e mountain board. I live in Western NY and plan to complete by spring time. I have a basic idea of what I want but need to spend more time researching everything. I ordered my MBS mountain board this morning off of Amazon. Price dropped recently MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren has dropped from $420 to $340.

Looking forward to build.

Hey! Am am building one as well at the moment, but I plan on finishing in the next two weeks.

Did you decide on a drive train yet? Or have a rough idea?

I’m leaning toward the e-toxx chain drive with duel 8085 motors

From what I’ve read dial in the board and motors and plan batteries around the setup / needs

I still have a lot to review.

E-toxx is definitely recommended, I have the chain drive too. Didn’t test ride yet but what matters is that the quality is awesome and support is great.

Good choice, I have the 8085aps beast and e-toxx maxi gear drive, when it work it’s awesome, lot of torque and pleasure, but have many issues with one of the motor (second start to failed too) , not sealed so mud/water and gravel come into and kill (very) cheap bearings/magnets and coper wires, aps customer support is… Special, pretty bad for a 130+ pounds motor…

@Benjo do you have your build on the site?

Not yet, I want to post a thread when I am (at least 95%) done and did a first test ride. Also I might post at as it tends to be a lot more active there lately.

Hey fellow mbs user!

You’ll get a ton more helpful feedback on the other forum :wink:

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