MBS pneumatic hubs - help me choose!


I’m wandering down the AT rabbit hole, and I need some feedback on wheels.

I kinda want to get the fivestars because they’re cheap and can handle a 9" tire.

But I’m also considering the Rockstar Pro’s

So, I guess my questions are:

  1. Is a 9" tire that much better than an 8" tire?

  2. If there’s no real difference, are the Rockstar Pro’s worth the extra cost?

About me: Fat, working on it but still a chubs. Like 300+ lbs with gear.

My lunch: 20190125_122756

Shit I need to buy: Matrix II trucks COLAB or KALY 2.0 deck chain drive 1:5 12s6p30q

Shit I need to make: trucks mount motor mount

Shit I already have: dual 6384 170KV dual focbox

Wat you think?


Theres a sale for purple ones


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I think you should overthink your diet…

… and don’t get the pro hubs because they have horrible tolerance and not worth the money. I like the extra clearance on the 9“ wheels. Running 9/42th chain drive I laid off from time to time with 8“.


bourbon for breakfast, lunch and dinner then.


Those are APS motors? If yes, one more thought: Order one more motor to have spare and glue in the motor magnets with what ever you can find. . . . Please :sweat_smile:

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Alcohol calories don’t count :ok_hand:


yeah, they are.


I guess I’m gonna have to take them apart and give them some TLC.

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I just say battle harden them with epoxy. I crashed two cans already. Broken magnets from one directly after first motor detection. Not wanna cry aps replaced all the bells but sucks to wait always for replacement.


Forget salads… Against the fat there’s nothing better than “the LEMON method”: Use a grater like this IMG_20190125_1843243645522720929298309

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ay nah i know everyone’s taking the piss but seriously good on you for taking initiative and actually trying to lose weight. a mate of mine lost 12 kilos by completely eliminating carbs from his diet. good on you my friend


Nah… Our weight is irrelevant. The thread is about 9" or 8". I was just kidding. Let’s go back to the topic. I have used 5…6…and 8 hence my joke. I actually also wonder what’s the difference wearing 9" shoes…

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I’ve heard a few users having issues with QC on the pros. The bearings won’t seat right and wobble. I have the fivestars and am just waiting on my motor mount to get here to try them out.


Dieting is hard. I was 280lb a few years ago. Lost 100lb in a year. Cut out pretty much all liquid other than water. Dairy only twice a week. No more eating the last 3 hours before bed. And always eating a real breakfast. Was hard as fuck and i don’t eat like that now but ive kept it off. Good for you for making steps. Its not easy.


The mbs pro hubs are/can be a nightmare from my experience at least , and ive heard nothing but praise about the fivestars wish i got them with 9’s rather than the pro with 8’s :frowning:

Anyways are they the same bolt pattern? as i might go 9" if they are.

I repeat! Irrelevant. Every fucking fat bastard is welcome to our community. I have had a 6 pack all my life and now i am fat as fuck. Months on a bed have a high bill to pay. I feel no less no more than i was or will be. Back to topic… 9" wheels


I can confirm bolt pattern is the same

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BTW quick reminder MBS has extended discount that doesn’t expires for the forum member :wink:

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Thanks for the great replies on both topics!

I forgot about that discount code! Score!


I like to be closer to the ground with 6” What are your thoughts about going 8 or 9 instead?

Clearance, clearance, clearances and better grip on sand/snow with the fat tires from mbs

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