MBS Rockstar Pro Aluminum Hubs

Any else had a problem with these? Bought them direct from mbs europe as there is a sale on for some colors.

The quality isn’t great for the price, it looks like they were cut with a dull blade. They are also irregular shaped but i can live with that. One arrived cracked, It took longer than it should to be sent replacement. However, the worst problem is the bearing housings are vastly undersized!! I only managed to get a few in and even they are so tight to cause the bearings (SKF) to bind a tad, so i now need to now get them machined Grrr

Ill never understand how people sleep at night selling such poor quality products.

I’ve ridden every commercially available nummie ( at least everyone I know of) including MBS, trampa, skikes, evolve, etc. The only one I’ve ever used that was well balances and had zero manufacturing issues what @psychotiller 6 shooters. Which is why I have 3 sets and my kid has a set.


I’m surprised because I’m have the Rockstar 2 cheaper (plastic) hubs and their quality is really great! I thought these Rockstar “Pro” would be greater then.

I was disappointed by MBS about the MBS Pro 95 deck whose binding holes were not at the right place… And the Matrix2 baseplate that broke.

I just bought a set of MBS pro hubs. I agree the bearings are a tight fit but went in using a brass punch and hammer. I really like them.

They are all over the place, there is no uniformity between the 4 i have! But all 4 of mine are way undersized according to all bearing datasheets, maybe that is why this batch were on sale. Maybe cheaper sloppy bearings wouldn’t bind when forced in, or c3+ bearings designed with extra clearance for high temp usage.

Ive put my plastic ones back on for now, wish id never bough the sodding things.

Oh and no spacers or dimensions given for the spacers. You cant apply pressure to the inner race of a bearing with the bearing only supported by its outter race. It needs to be torqued up against the truck.

That is shit. You can’t supply something that doesn’t work period. Pisses me off when companies receive sub standard quality parts from their manufacturer and ship them out as sale items.

Had the same problem… the reason is that they didn’t consider the 50 microns addition to the surface of the hard anodize (50 microns – -0.1mm in diameter)

I had to heat the bearings to 120 degrees , apply the bearings inside and cool it fast with air …
work fine for me for few month

What color did you get?

You seem to have a lot of Hub experience. I’m wondering about the dimensions of the MBS hubs/would the china 6x2 Tire/Tube fit on them?

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I have no idea, I’ve only owned 1 set of rock stars and I sold them awhile back. Sorry.

so far, the Rockstar 2 are pretty solid but I’m working on destroying them, well… if I don’t destroy my body before !

They will definitely not fit