MBS Rockstar pro hubs spoke/axle spacers?

Just got new Rockstar pro hubs, they didnt come with the spacers that go between the bearings, does anyone have links to the correct spacers or another solution?

I’m wondering if these @trampa ones linked below will/would work because i can’t find the MBS ones or similar products?

I know a lot of people will tell you you need spacers however the MBS rock star wheel hub has a lip that holds the bearing in place (inner lip) They also have a very tight fit for the bearings in my case I needed to heat up the wheel/hub and cool down the bearing (freezer) to bang them in place (rubber mallet). If you have not yet seated the bearings I suggest from experience to seat bearings before you bolt the wheel together and inflate.

Good luck they are real nice wheels,



Thanks Kevin, i suppose it’s the colored/anodized ones i have that are a tight squeeze when it comes to bearing fit, thanks for heads up.