MBS wheels not safe for high speed crashed at 32mph woke up the in the hospital

MBS wheels not safe for high speed crashed at 32mph woke up the in the hospital. Luckily I was wearing full offroad gear Moto jacket with shoulder, elbow, and back padding. I don’t remember the crash but after looking back at the wheel marks it seems that MBS wheels were at fault. I had similar experience last week except I didn’t crash. The wheels have no flat contact patch hence your wheels can spin out while turning. Also I forgot to turn on traction control which would have helped.

I had the MBS wheels grinded down a lot from riding long now but I still had some rectangular shapes.

Also wear full Moto helmet, I had a concussion because my forehead didn’t have enough padding.

I STILL ended up fracturing my elbow. So always wear full gear when going faster than 15mph. And I am throwing these MBS wheels in the trash. Gonna get me some pneumatics.

check out my fractured elbow:

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Omg 32mph sudden crash sounds terrible thank god you had gear and good to hear your still ok.

But yeah if your looking for pnematics–These are on sale they come with gears and tubes.


Hope you don’t quit.

Also if you want to go with urethane wheels the same company has nice 110mm wheels large contact patch that’s flat California urethane is the best Abec 11, and orangatang uses it as well.

Best wishes and hope your elbow heals up well.

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Were your wheels stock or did you balance them?

He’s talking about the 100mm urethane wheels, not the hubs/pneumatics.

That sounds real shitty, man. Glad you were wearing gear and will be OK. But to be clear, you slid out, the wheel didn’t fail in any way?

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Watch my video explanation of what happened:

But basically the rectangular patterns on mbs wheels are worthless they make you lose traction with the road because your contact patch is only 50% of normal urethane wheels.


Cool video, but a simple “yeah” would have sufficed.


l prefer my 8’’ mbs wheel :slightly_smiling_face: btw i am happy you okay