MEB Electric Bhangra | Loaded Bhangra | TorqueBoards V1 | MEB 250KV Motors | 10S | Twin Flier ESC

Hey eSk8!

Just Sharing another build that is complete! This board has over 300 miles on it! almost double that for SPACE Cell. Just like last time I will link all the components so there is no mystery on how this board works!

What Everyone See:

What it’s made of:

Loaded Bhangra Flex 1, Green Caliber Trucks, O’Tang Kegel (

TorqueBoards V1 Mounts (http://www.)

3D Printed Kegel Gear (

Motor Gear and Belt (

Motor (

Small Controller (

Battery (

3D Casing: (

Lastly, Video of a Full Ride!

Over 10 miles on dual motors Thanks to the amazing Enertion Space Cell!


Wow! How did you make the enclosure?

Great build! How did you get the telemetry data? thanks

@anorak234 the enclosure is 3D printed. I designed it on tinkercad.

@mcfly777 for the data I use an app called MapMyRide. I record my phone screen while I’m skating and then I over lay that video on the Gopro footage. It comes out really nice since MapMyRide has a mini map you get to see the whole trip.

Thanks @oriol360 I wonder if it’s possible to connect a data logger to the VESC. I’ll need to look it up.


Hi there. Clicked the link for battery specs and page was not found. I’m very new to this so I apologize if this question is obvious, but how many paralleled 10s batteries did you use for this build? Want to do something very similar, duel drive and trying to get my head wrapped around the battery size.

3p so 3 10s packs in parallel

You mean 10x 3p packs.

Technically I’m the spacecell yes but depending on how he may chose to set it up in his enclosure 3 10s packs may be better

Not sure why you’d do that because then you’ll need 3 bms’s

3 10 cell groups in parallel only needs one bms

Each group will have the same overall voltage due to them being in parallel, but each group needs to have a bms to track individual cell voltage in the groups

Well this I did not know I’ve seen packs on endlessspherenrunning just one in that format

Here’s an example of a 4s3p (3 groups of 4s) pack, imagine having 5 balance leads (1 neg, 4 pos) on a BMS. Where would you put the 5 leads? You would need 3 BMS’s just to have enough leads for all the cells.