Meepo 1.5 Brand new with Manufacturer Warranty

Hey Esk8 builders! If you are looking for a cheap backup board I did a bulk order of Meepo 1.5’s with the intent of being a distributor which means these come with the 90 day warranty to anyone I sell too.

TLDR I have 27 BRAND new Meepo 1.5’s(13-38" 14-30") that come with a 90 day warranty through Kieran/Meepo. Price is 345 plus shipping.(Shipping is 45 dollars max in the USA) This is at cost, just trying to recoup my investment. If you are within driving distance of the Washington DC/Baltimore area we can meet up to save you on the cost of shipping.


Was planning on trying to be a distributor for Meepo’s. This was my first time importing anything from overseas and their was a bunch of shipping cost’s on my end(Shipping agency, Customs duty tax, and freight charges) that totally destroyed my profit margin. So now I am just trying to unload these at cost to recoup my initial investment.

Buying form me is the same as buying from Meepo/Kieran and everything I have is new in box and comes with the same 90 day manufacturer warranty as if you bought through his website. I will forward your purchase date to Kieran and you can contact him at [email protected] for all warranty problems. Paypal will be used for all these transactions so you will have buyer protection.

My lose is your gain. If you live close we can meet up and you can get a super great deal on a Meepo 1.5 as a backup board. Baltimore/Annapolis/WashingtonDC area.

PM me if interested.


PM me about shipping, please.

Do you still have any of these boards? I’m looking for 2! Thanks

I only have one new one left. It is a30 inch sorry board too.i have a used normal one as well I can sell too. It was the demo unit. Had very few miles on it. If your interested let me know I can send some pictures.

It’s a 30 inch short board. Damn auto correct. Message me back and I’ll send pictures.

Can’t figure out how to PM. Do you still have any boards?

I have 1 new short board and 1 used long board. 20180915_105629

Let me know if you are interested I can do a good price.

hey do you still have any of those Meepo 1.5 30’ shortboards leftover??

All gone 10char

Yooo Jreamer, I’m a student from The Netherlands and i’m about to go on a roadtrip to Australia and im looking for my first Eboard. I was hoping i could buy one of your Meepo 1.5’s and wondering how much it would cost me. If i could pay you 250 plus international shipping would you agree? With regards, Stefan

Do these still exist?

Just buy like a wowgo 2s. After shipping it would be the same cost anyway

This is gone.

all done please close thread