Meepo 83mm pu sleeve

As the title states, I need a pu sleeve for my meepo cruiser I got from a friend. PayPal ready. For this board,image

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It’s non replaceable I thought? I’m in the same boat with my campus 2. Mine looks way worse than yours and it’s not even that old. Seems to be the weak point of the board, otherwise it’s a great value.

Are there any motors that do have replaceable pu that would fit?

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You can replace them, but it’s really problematic

My little brothers board uses the same exact hubs and their urethane are straight trash

I believe the brand is Phoenix ryders

Therein lies the problem with cheap hub motor driven boards - the cheap hub motors. Parts are hard or impossible to source because they’re sold as disposable items.

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Just replace the entire motor; they are pretty cheap. If the PU needs replacing it’s probably on its way out soon anyway.

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I agree with @Friskies. While you’re at it you might be able to upgrade to one of their 90mm motors with swappable urethane as well.

I guess I could replace the motors, I have some other 83mm hubs but I really don’t want to disassemble much

Hey so I have the meepo campus 2 would I be able to get the 90mm motor and put it on this board?, is it that simple to replace

I’ll say it’s a solid maybe. I don’t have a meepo truck and two different motors to test, but the shaft and connectors look the same. Worst comes to worst, you buy a new motor, it doesn’t fit, and you either modify it to fit, or you return it.

As a longshot, you could always contact Meepo customer support and ask them.

Just another random question mine came with that like light, do you know how long it’s supposed to stay charged or is it like a one time thing

Do you know where I can buy this PU for replacement?