Meepo batteries in parallel?

Recently got myself a Meepo board as my first eskate, and already in the process of making it more to my taste. I’ve swapped out the deck, and built space for a second battery which is on the way. To power the Board, I’ll be hooking those 10s2p LG packs in parallel using an XT60 Y-harness. How would I go about charging them together? Would a JST parallel Y-harness do the trick, or is there something I’m missing?

if they have an integrated BMS then yes just the same way you discharge them. If they dont have a bms you will need a parallel balance connector too.

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Awesome, they both have integrated BMS so that’ll be ideal, Thanks! Now to work out how to strip them and make them slimmer, lol


did you do this? I was wondering how easy it would be to strip them and lay them in 1 layer instead of 2.

Sadly I never did get around to breaking it down and laying it flat, though I did crack one open and have a good nosey. Heard a rumour that Kevin Dark was going to do the same thing, so waiting to see if he releases a video of his process :slight_smile: