Meepo customer service help

I heard this is the place to come for a possible solution with meepo customer service… anyone maybe have any tips?

If they have done something worth complaining about here yes.

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Ahhh well i dont even know where to start… purchased 2 hurricanes in March last year everything was great as soon as i try to contact them with warranty issue they just tell me its normal and thats how it is. The issue is the battery one day getting average mid 60s low 70s km range and over night down to mid 30s… im not a mechanic or inclined that way which is why i purchased instead of diy i thought for sure if there was any problems within the time frame of the warranty there wouldnt be an issue resloving it. Well i was wrong after about 30 + emails back and forth they offer me a 20$ discount on any merchandise i would purchase from them… im at a loss they tell me it is normal to have decreased range over night… so kinda stuck not to sure what to do at this point.

what does this mean? are you suggesting one day the battery was consistently 60-70kms range, then one day its average range dropped to 30kms? After how many charging cycles did this happen, how many KMs have you ridden in total?

Its not normal. You have to be persistent with them. It took me a good while and and untold amount of emails to get a new battery. Point out what they are doing wrong, and do your best to get them to escalate it to a manager. They will do everything to make it your fault and not pay out. Meepos customer service is the worst in the game. I have had my hurricane for a year and the ony parts i haven’t replaced are my motors. It took me 2½ months to get them to send me new truck basplates even though i knew exactly what was wrong from the start. If you buy a meepo, its a fucking diy.