Meepo Inspired eSk8 Board| Plus eBay parts to keep project CHEAP

So after lots of research into this topic while procrastinating and not doing things for school etc I have finally come up with a list of parts that I will hopefully be purchasing late March

My main goal for this board is to be CHEAP AS CHIPS Therefore i don’t need to be going at flaming high speeds… although 30kph would be awesome! Plus range isn’t that big a deal either, The longest distance i would need to travel is about 18 Km (10 miles) Which is a two way trip from one location…

Here is a parts list (and please help if i am missing something or if certain parts don’t go well together, even though i am getting the Trucks and the motor mount with pulleys all pre assembled) If someone has a potentially cheaper or equal quality list of parts that will match this motor or another suggested one and includes links to everything i need eg: pulleys, hardware, wheels trucks etc that would be great and maybe better so i can assemble it myself.

but this is what i have so far:

Meepo BATTERY PACK 10S2P $130 -

Battery Charger for above Battery - $18

Meepo Battery Enclosure - $ 16.50

ESC w/ Controller/battery indicator/heatsink - $47.20 Free shipping

ESC Encolsure - $20

C6374 170KV Brushless motor - $53.00 + $10 Shipping

Single motor drive kit without motor Pre installed - $47.00 + $29.00 Shipping

black 97mm wheels X4 7"truck X2 motor mount X1 5M 35 Tooth wheel pulley X1 5M 15 Tooth 15mm width motor pulley X1 drive belt X1

Deck Alva Skateboard 1978 Reissue Lost Model Green 30" - $150 free shipping

Black Grip Tape Mob 9" x 33" - $8

I’ve been trying to keep everything I buy to just a couple of sources to keep shipping cost down. I also have 2 3D printers and they are pretty large, so i could print the enclosures

All up thats $530 roughly and $750 AUD ($600 without this deck/Cheaper deck) probably more so i really need to cut corners somewhere to get the price down so any help will be awesome

pretty expensive when i don’t have a job and need to split $900 between a nother project for school and this (This is just for fun and a “conveniently” useful project for the commute to and from)

The eBay link for the motor mounts not showing anything

Also do you have any tools? Drill, soldering iron? Allen keys? Etc?

Try now it should work

Yeah I have loads of drills, allen keys, screwdrivers etc and a soldering iron in a family members shed that i have full access to

I think you can save money if you buy a cheaper deck, I’m sure for 100$ you can find the same style of deck.

And why you want a belt motor system?

Ownboard is selling a complete kit without a deck for just 372$, the esc is so smooth, battery is good (the same as meepo) and alluminium enclosures.


Yeah that was just a place holder, I’d be happy with the same style $20 30" board from kmart which comes with trucks. so i can use that to practice until i get all the parts…

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I have bought the kit and it’s awesome. I have made my own 10S4P with samsung 30Q cells and get a range of 30-40km. I have had no issues so far (I have ridden around 1000km until now) and the hub motors are just awesome. IMG_20180906_130119 IMG_20180814_132454