Meepo V2 30" with Sanyo Battery and LG Battery

Hi there, I’m selling my Meepo and wanted to put it up here just because I wanted to see if anyone was looking for one here even though this place is pretty much filled with builders. Its 30" meepo with the Sanyo battery plus and extra LG battery. I’m selling it since I’m building my own board with the tayto and don’t need this one anymore. I’m selling it for $400 with everything. It also has upgraded zealous bearings and new bushings.

Im located in San Luis Obispo, CA. However, I’ll be in LA this weekend and I’ll be in Sacramento in Thanksgiving if anyone wants to wait that long. IMG_5664 IMG_8576

I’m not interested but if you post total mileage, date of purchase. This might help

Well its kinda hard for the date of purchase since I started off with the Meepo V1 and then upgraded everything over time to the point where it’s basically all V2. The only original thing is the front truck and wheels. Those are from the first iteration of the Meepo. But the new ESC and Battery were bought in around May I believe. I’ve changed the wheels twice since I’ve bought it. I buy a whole new rear truck every time I did. On this set, I believe there’s around 200 miles on it.

im from san luis obispo also! small world! :laughing:

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Is there a group here that rides or anything like that?

I’ve met an occasional Riders but if you ever want to organize one sometime I would be totally down mostly boosted evolve Riders

I don’t know the area too well but my new board will probably be done in the next couple of weeks. What are the best places to ride here?

Tough to say a lot of the roads are really s*** cuz they’re Coastal. The view is great but the road degradation is really bad. Preferably someplace away from Cal Poly all the college drivers don’t use turn signals and are very dangerous

Yeah. I’m building a board with a short deck and slightly regret te decision due to the road conditions however I need the small deck for portability. Hoping 97mm wheels will be good enough haha

I’ve got pretty rough roads where I live and 97mm are just fine. Is your new board still Hub Motors?

No it’s belt driven

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That’s gonna make a hug difference on your ride.