Meet up, joined ride Switzerland?!

Hey guys. So far we are a group that gets smaller all the time :frowning: sofar we are left with 3. Already found another driver from around zürich that would potentially join (@Howser). So I wanted to know if a few would like a stealthy group ride on some nice roads somewhere in central Switzerland.

Sure, I’m from Zurich and will gladly join you if possible. Have two working boards right now. So if someone needs a board for this ride just let me know.

NICE ! awesome to hear. I will make a whatsapp group chat. So we can make a date, location, route that works for everyone, but so far not a lot of people :frowning: . But a friend is super sicked about all of esk8. Mayby i can also bring him along and have him test your extra board ? I will pm you my number.

well locking to do mayby a little meet up first as 4-5 in zürich then loock for more poeple in switzerland. Pm me your number so i can add you to the group chat .)

Sure, will do that.
And I will bring two boards, so if other people want to try they are most welcome.

Whom from the forum do we have already?
@constantinos156, did you get your board?

@Howser is the one :slight_smile: mayby already next week ? as long as it is summer.


I am also from kanton zurich, but I do not live in the city, but near to it. I am currently a gymi student and I chose to build an electric longboard as my graduation work. If you like and if I am free, I’d like to join :slight_smile: I’ve got a brother, who hasn’t got an esk8, but would like to join as well if one of you has got another one which he could borrow, would be awesome. If not he could come with his unmotorized if that’s possible…

Really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

awesome ! pm me with your number so i’ll add you to the chat. I got and old DIY build but I don’t trust it at all. But mayby i can get my old evolve back which i Lend to a Friend.

Good morning guys, I’m returning to Zurich today and I hope I will have my board either already delivered or some day during this week. Depending on when you schedule the group ride and if i had some practice rides (my first time on an esk8) I would love to join.

awesome, let me know. ill open the group chatt tomorrow then we can set a date.

Nice! Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot

right now i only got the boosted working, won’t get far with that one. the enertion is currently “in service” by myself. but hopefully this week i should get the Carbon GT, so i’m up for everything!

Hey :slight_smile:

Have to made the group already? Just wondering, since yiu have said that you would make one today :wink:

Hi all,

I’m picking my board up from the post tomorrow first thing in the morning. Hopefully I’ll get a bit familiar with it over the weekend. Have you already scheduled something in Zurich?

congratulations! Will be like x-mas and birthday! Weather is beautiful too!!! Better to avoid the city on Saturday because of the street parade …

There might be an ad-hoc ride tonight, nothing else concretely planned.

Suggest to PM your number to @michichopf, then he can add you to our whatsapp group.

Yeah. Pm me your number and we willa add you. Lets grow a nice rising groupe :wink:

Just to let the rest of the world know that there is a small but pretty active group in Zurich riding and having a good time: “the electric outlaws”:slight_smile: Evolve GTs, Raptors, DYIs, hummies, old Evolves, singles, doubles, hubs, belt drives, top mounts, drop throughs, captn slow, some medium and a little bit of fast …

If you want to know more, just post here.

If you want to join the rides, drop a PM with your phone number to @michichopf and he will add you to our whatsApp group as we don’t want to promote our rides here. We are outlaws after all … !

Hello everyone, I’m new here and just wondering. Is it true that riding esk8 in public area here in swiss is illegal?

Hello @Ghopapranawa, welcome here.

Esk8ing is legal in Switzerland, but only if you are not caught. :innocent:

There are no laws governing eskating, so if you do get caught and the police is in a bad mood… Your Case MIGHT end with a “verzeigung”.
Or you might get a minor ticket…

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So far there have been cases of fines for esk8 of 450chf to 650chf (2 cases that i’ve heard of) and the case of our friend from the forum who got a 45CHF fine for normal longboarding.