Meet Your Maker Video Series: DIY Electric Longboards

Hey ya’ll just wanted to share this video series I’m developing that highlights the talented hacker/maker/engineer culture in and around Ann Arbor and Detroit and the spirit of DIY not just eboards. My first episode profiles the homie @Jeff who I actually met right here in the ESK8 forums! Outside of building DIY eboards, Jeff is also a mechanical engineer, PHD candidate and CTO of Flipsi Bottle which I found fascinating. Hope you guys dig it!

Duo Meet Your Maker Video Series Technology isn’t all about bits and processors. We’re looking beyond the gadgets themselves to explore the people behind them and what makes them tick. Duo Meet Your Maker profiles our local Hackers, the Tinkerers, the Hobbyists and the tech-savvy Makers to learn about their process and show off the thing that they created.


That’s really cool… well done for bringing more exposure to the scene brother!

nice work @Jeff it’s nice to see the faces of our community.


Come to Florida next. There’s at least three of us down here, probably more.


@onloop yeah we’re slowly seeing some Boosted owners pop up around town and recruiting them lol

@longhairedboy yup that’s the plan - to get this series going locally and eventually travel to other communities


Awesome video! I really liked that the video wasn’t just about specs but actually about the people behind the board and their thoughts! Nice seeing @Jeff in real life as well.


glad that came through! it’s really about the spirit of DIY in all of us and the process that drives us to tinker and build things - whether it’s eboards or anything really

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Nice work on the interview!!

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