Meeting! Group ride! Netherlands "Breda"

Hello people, I recently move to Breda, and I bring my DIY skateboard, and I trying to see if I can make a group ride, for know new people and see the others DIY skateboards, or another DIY vehicle. I prefer in Breda but if the majority of the people is from another city can be that city.

See you :wink:


Hi man!

I’m from Amersfoort. Good idea to have a group ride someday.

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There is a whatsapp group for dutchies @pjotr47

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If you want to join the WhatsApp group. Send me a message with your number


Heey Pedro, You’re in Breda do am I …so you ride your electric skateboard through town correct? Since they are illegal in the Netherlands I have been reluctant to buy one… I was wondering what your experience is with the law enforcement in Breda?

Thx Marcus

Hey marcusraptus I ride almost every weekend, if the weather is good.

And the police here are very peaceful. I pass some times by the police and never be stopped And I don’t ride to fast of course, max 15/16 I know it’s illegal but I don’t abuse as well

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