Mellow Complete for Sale (SOLD)

Hi Everyone,

My Mellow complete just arrived (after a two-year wait!). While the engineering of the board is very polished and clearly high quality, I now have too many electric longboards and don’t need another.

I opened up the package, spent a few hours assembling and dialing it in, charged it up and took it out for a short ride to make sure everything works properly. I’ve ridden many different electric longboards (both belt and hub) and I must say it has a surprising amount of torque for such a small package (almost got thrown off at 15mph in Pro mode). It is also the quietest board I have ever ridden and very smooth.

Shipping box:


Test ride:

I am selling the complete Mellow drive system + front truck, BuddyBuddy GT longboard deck, upgraded fast charger, and Mellow sunglasses :sunglasses:.

The retail price for all of these is $2030 + tax + shipping. Since the board is new, has a 2 year warranty, and is ready to ship, I am asking $2000 buy-it-now but any reasonable offer will be considered.

I live in the Ann Arbor MI area if anyone local wants to test it out first. @RunPlayBack is hoping to do a review on it too.


well, I posted my boosted board V2 for sale. If that sells, I’m strongly considering buying this locally.