Mellow kit prices

A single unit or the dual units for 1900 $?

Single. It’s 1,427.73 € with 19% Tax of 271.27 € = 1,699 € which converts to $1,906.11 USD as of today. No idea what they charge for shipping to the US, but as much as I love it, the Evolve CGT street is roughly the same price and you get a full CF board with option to go AT.

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Why are you calculating 19% German sales tax? When you import the product to the US you do not need to pay that - only when you buy it inside of Germany (and even then when you leave the country you can claim a refund for it if you take the product with you).

I’m just stating what their site is saying I have to pay at checkout

As soon as you change the shipping country this should change - if they have a proper shop system. Maybe @Mellow can say something about this?

Do you all think mellow is priced kind of high?? I really think they are doing everything right, and would love to order one. I wanted the 4wd, it turned out to be nearly $4000 USD ($5200 AUD, 3500 euros). WOW. That is extremely expensive.

Yea always thought they were priced way too high.

I love what they are doing and their promise of high quality, But yes, it’s priced too high…I wonder if it’s mostly profit or if they are trying to get their money back for the money spent in R&D

Is there such a thing as luxury esk8, because that’s what it’s priced at. Mine is just an economy ride

probably both. You can only go so many years claiming a loss before you get audited by the tax man. That means you have to start making money at some point.

and most people just have no idea what it takes to do this kind of stuff…

Way overpriced in my opinion.

In my opinion, this is better than any other prebuilt option. It may be overpriced, but i understand the reasons: it’s compact, water and dust proof (that’s absurd), can you imagine how much work they had to put in this thing? Hub motors, small interchangeable battery, heat problems and stuff like that. I would prefer to give them 2000$ than to Boosted, who has practically nothing new

Economics of e-skates 101, final exam

Question 1. If Board A lasts more than twice as long as Board B which less than half its price, which is the more expensive board? (Assume specs and features are equivalent, although they probably aren’t )

Question 2. TRUE or FALSE: 98% braking availability (overcharge protection on downhills) + 80-90% battery capacity availability (voltage sag shut down due to shitty SOH analysis) = $300 in savings

Quesiton 3: What is the true value of a $1000 airplane ticket if you are flying with a $1500 e-skate with a 99Wh “air travel compliant” NONREMOVEABLE battery and being checked by an airline security agent who just hates hoverboards?

Question 4. Which is cheaper: (a) a $200 battery with a crap BMS or (b) a $300 battery with a BMS using multiple modern fuel gauge/monitoring technologies?


If all the claims are true, is it really over priced? It’s a pre-build board, so you can’t exactly compare it to DIY boards. So compared to Boosted or Evolve that go for roughly $1.5K each? The only real advantage is Evolve’s AT option. Mellow being water and dust proof, having easy to swap travel friendly batteries, lighter, and being able to mount it on practically any board are pretty big advantages.

We haven’t seen how durable the Mellow is or how it’s going to fare when put to the test by actual users, but if it’s all it’s cracked up to be, an extra $500 seems worth it for all those features. Riding in the rain is a lot of fun and like most of us, we have our personal tastes in decks. Traveling with my board would be nice and I would be able to just pop it on a smaller deck for easier travel in a couple minutes.

I probably won’t pick one up because I don’t have $2K burning a hole in my pocket and I already have a couple nice DIY builds, but if Mellow was available and had been battle tested a year ago, I would have seriously considered it.

I think there’s a lot that can be done with 2 years of research and development as a full time job. I think there could be some huge improvements to the industry through your research. I hope that you guys are successful in this venture, and I hope you are willing to share some of your research so that the industry can grow in the future. It was cool to see your motors and to be able to picture the way it was assemble.

Are you talking about boosted? The v2 has removable battery.

That removable process is a pain… Mellow’s battery swapping is on a whole different level that boosted’s “swappable” packs.

The webstore is presently based in Germany simply converts prices with the going exchange rate. However the frightening 19% German sales tax will be dropping on the shipping page and replaced by an all-inclusive shipping price which includes import taxes, duties and customs to the destination country so you don’t have to pay extra or deal with government agencies upon delivery.

So yes, the total price for the US, if you order from the webstore today, will be roughly a little under $1895.

When global distribution comes online, you’ll be able to order in your local currency from a local address AND prices will correspond to the country’s currency. For example, the US price will be $1800, not 1800 €.

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yeah BB says you can have a secondary battery in your bag and swap it out when you need more juice. find an allen key, turn six screws, undo the connectors, repeat in reverse. They will probably do what Mellow is doing when it’s version 6.0 and people will lose their minds

Yup, Boosted’s battery swap is not exactly a quick swap. They basically just put a connector on the power cable. Boosted will take you a couple minutes with tools, and Mellow’s will take you a couple seconds and you can do it standing up.

Well, not exactly standing up, you might have to get off the board first. :wink:

Although that said we’d definitely owe a case of beer to the first rider to film himself swapping a battery on a Mellow while doing a manual…