Metal enclosures and how to prevent a Faraday cage?

Hi guys,

I built a metal enclosure (made from aluminium) for the VESCs, RC receiver and strip LED electronics, simply because I don’t have a 3D printer or any CF/GF forming equipment. The enclosure has 6-7 mm walls and a 2.5 mm sheet metal lid. I have included some fairly large cut-outs into the bottom of the enclosure due to it’s low height (about 3cm).

A quick test with a phone (with lid closed) was positive but I am still concerned that I will experience some issues (maybe drop outs) while riding on the board. I would appreciate any advice.

Would it help (and further weaken the Faraday cage) if the lid is insulated from the enclosure?

I will use the Nano-X controller which apparently does not have an external antenna cable such as the GT2E receiver has.


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You could cut the lid out of delrin, abs, etc. That way you will have a lot less interferance. I see you cut openings which i assume go on the board side, if so, you should have no troubles.