Metal ESC and Battery Enclosures

Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me find the empty metal enclosures for esc’s and battery’s like in the attached pictures I was hoping to find a set that also included the foam and correct mounting nuts with bolts.

I see them on loads of different boards and I found them for sale on both the ownboard and wowgo site. But sadly shipping from these sites costs me at least 20 euro’s plus I can expect an extra 15 euro in customs if I order there.

On Ebay I seem to only be able to find plastic enclosures, nothing on aliexpress and on alibaba I’ve fount exactly one seller who asks for an moq of 500 :sweat_smile: .

Thanks in advance for the help guys! Been reading for hours on this forum and learned so much. A lot of parts for my order are already on there way to me and I look forward to joining the DIY eSK8 community! image image

Just go on ownboard or wowgo website. They sell it

I know, as I said in my post. But the shipping from them is really expensive for me plus I will have customs while I usually get pretty cheap shipping and no customs when ordering direct from Chinese sellers.

Ah ok, I thought they have low shipping cost. If plastic if fine for you check meepo I think the shipping cost is not that high, but I can be wrong. Why do you want metal case, out curiosity?

Probably in the States shipping is cheap, but for having something as simple as an enclosure shipped to Belgium it’s quite expensive. Mostly for the extra durability you get from a metal enclosure, I’ve seen quite some pictures of broken plastic cases. But for sure also for the looks, the plastic ones really come of as cheap while the metal ones look good and professional in my opinion.

Hey I live in Belgium too. I am from Italy but being in Belgium form the past years. With the metal case be aware of signal drop, not saying that its mandatory but it can happen.


Maybe something like these are cheap for you?

Oow sorry you’re looking for allu cases. Damn I have to read better!


That’s awesome hopefully we can ride together sometime soon! I know my way around RC remotes and if I were to notice signal problems I could probably route an external antenna to the top of my board in a grove underneath the griptape.

No worries! I have indeed already seen those plastic ones but I’ve read they crack easily and they look pretty cheap, which they also are.:sweat_smile: That’s why I’m looking for metal ones.

I see now the picture profile. An external antenna will do the job. I hope we can meet for ride :grin:

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Hello mate , another Belgian here . We should organise a group ride :slight_smile: . From experience i can tell that you will most probably not need to pay custom taxes as this is only needed for items above 25 or 30 Euro’s (need to double check the amount b’cause iam not sure anymore). When buying from china or the us i never had to pay taxes for items less than 30 euros. But the case will still cost you ±39euro’s because of the expensive shipping rate…


Awesome I’m down for a Belgian meetup! :smiley:Yes total for the cases would come down to 50euro were another 15 would come on top as a customs charge. That’s mostly why I was asking for a chinese vendor as they can avoid this easy via the signed tracking method or maybe there even exists a local vendor that sells these enclosures you never know.

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