Metallic grinding noise in my left motor

So my last ride I heard a metallic grinding soung on my 6374 TB motor, I take it apart and find the magnet retainer ring loose, what can I use to secure it in place, epoxy?


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I tapped it in place with the back end of a screw driver it’s actually very snug I don’t know how it came off in the first place I wanted to test fit before epoxy and now I can’t get it off. Hmm the dilemma.

It wil heat up and will come loose again (When motor heats up metal expands and it comes loose)… Get loctite 648. Dont use epoxy, it breaks at high temperatures :slight_smile:


alright ill gently try to remove it and add some loctite 648

I can’t find Loctite 648 locally are there any other suggestions maybe who sells it? @torqueboards any ideas?

@Battosaii I’d just buy from Amazon.

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Locktite 480 is better @Battosaii . It’s a rubberized cyanoacrylate contact adhesive. Cures fast , crazy strong flows well. Done

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Thank you!!!

No problemo! Make sure you clean everything first, all the dirt between magnets too, may as well glue them while you’re at it! After you apply the glue, use a drill to spin the can, the centripetal force will get it into the nooks and crannies (spin it in a trash can or etc to catch the spray, that shit will NOT come off )

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Thanks for the Tip. I will do that. I have 4 boards and feels like Everytime I fix one another breaks lol at least it’s a simple fix.

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480 is only up to 100ºC motors get near that temperature pretty often, 648 is 180ºC