Metasurf Direct Drive Custom Batch (Sensored 70kv 80amp) Reservation LIVE!

I am not such an engineer/mechanic guy on my side so it’s good to hear that some people like topcloud could sell some solid custom hangers :slight_smile:

Bump, I just threw down my $60. Are we anywhere near the 80?

Hey! unfortunately theres still a pretty large gap :frowning: If you are still interested theres only a few days left!!

Interested. Whats the truck situation?

Preordered period have passed. We did not make the 80 order count. :frowning: Metasurf have expressed they would still like to work something out for those who have put in a preorder. Please reach out to me by PM before end of week, otherwise metasurf will move forward with processing the refund.

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I wonder the same :thinking: