Metasurf Metaswap System

I am interested in this:

But i wonder about the weight of this system + battery. I tried to contact them using the email on their site several times and asked about this, but no answer. This is not inspiring confidence, but anyway - does anybody know the weight of these components or a way to contact them?

If I remember right @sofu had a good connection to metasurf. Maybe she can help you with this


I’ll let you know when I hear back an answer!


Thx. You can also let them know, they have a typo on their site - I am pretty sure it should be “Metaswap” and not “Metawap”:wink:


The answer is 2.76lb, and will do!

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Thx! But what exactly is 2.76lb, the system + the battery? which battery the 18650 or the 20700? Or are they the same weight?

I was thinking about getting one as well but it’s a 13s1p. With the Samsung you can do 10A on each motor and the Sanyo more like 6/7. To me it seems very low especially on brakes. Am I wrong?

don’t know, but i think you are right - but to my knowledge 10A on 13s is more than on a 10s… Anyway, for me its meant to be for my little single-drive board, so don’t have any issues with low brakes. My only current concern is about its weight, and if my motor/focbox can handle the voltage…

The weight is the case only exactly how it is presented in the website. You will have to weigh the battery you want to use yourself…

Sorry, I don’t understand. Do you mean, I should buy the battery:

just to see how much it adds to my build? Or is the case not meant for these batteries, and it includes an empty battery case where i can build my own battery in it?

I suppose it could have been “meatswap” which @dareno can tell you means something completely different


Hey @tsr

The metaswap system is just the enclosure only. Baseplate to mount on deck and 2 empty boxes. You’ll have the figure out the batteries + ESC yourself. You DON’T need to buy the batteries from metasurf if you don’t want to.

The holes are made for xt 60s The ESC enclosure will probably work with dual flipskys They fit focboxes but I couldn’t cram all the wires in there. You’ll probably also need to run an antenna out of the box for your remote receiver as the box is all metal

Different question, does their remote come with the receiver?

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I am assuming no but I’ll double check. I took their complete apart and the receiver was part of the ESC.

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Thanks mate! What ESC do they use? I never saw one that can handle 13s! Will they sell it separately with the remote?

Ty. I only have one focbox, so i assume it will fit into the first box. So the second box is for building my own battery in it? I am actually thinking about buying also the battery - but not before i am sure its not adding to much weight to my build…

Its a chinese ESC most likely running their custom setting. 13s foc but very low ampage. It works well with their setup but i’m not sure it would handle the abuse from DIY folks. I could ask but i will adjust expectation accordingly

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Well battery is fix weight. They use their standard cells everyone else uses. You are just tacking on the extra 2.76lb for the enclosure.

Couple things to consider. The battery comes with BMS and charge port all wired up, saves you alot of work and its priced pretty well. You’d have to find a charger though. Also the battery is 13s… you’d be dancing on the edge with your focbox

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Ok, thanks a lot for all this usefull infos. But sadly then this is not what I am looking for - I am currently using a 10s2p and looking for a modular solution that will work instead. But this would add another ~1kg to my build which is too much for this little board.

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Would be interested in what you wind up with. If it wasn’t for the trucks I would actually give a strong recommendation to metasurf’s smaller complete. One of the taiwan forum member have already pretty much traveled the world with it.