Metos's project - [VANGUARD | VESC | single 6390 3.5KW 170KV | 12S/5Ah]


I’m new to esk8 community. I discovered esk8 with the Casey Neistat videos on youtube. And as I’m a maker more than a buyer, I started to search how to build one I’m french, living in Paris France and I joined the community with their great forum.

I’m posting my project here to share it with non french speaking people. getting advices and giving inspiration and feedback.

I choose the Loaded Vanguard to match the boosted board design. I first wanted to go for a dual rear motos/vesc but this is to much money for a first try. So I get a massive 3.5Kw 6390 from Alien.

Here is my build spec

  • Deck : Loaded Vanguard flex 3
  • wheels : Kegel Orangatang 80A
  • Trucks : Caliber 2 50° black
  • ESC : VESC
  • Motor : Alien 6390 3.5Kw 170Kv
  • Batteries : 12S 5Ah (4x 3S1P 5000mAh) Lipo
  • Mount : Home made + alien caliber adaptors
  • Gear ratio : 36/14
  • switch : antisparks
  • charger : 2x IMAX B6

Here is my current status for the project, I just made my first test ride this week. And it was amazing :smiley:


Looks like a very nice build! How are you going with the 3D printed pulley? Also, please don’t ruin that beautiful deck with tape and glad wrap. Get some nice enclosures from @psychotiller or @RunPlayBack . Hehe. Good luck!


Dont see why you purchase 2 balance chargers when you can charge all 4 batteries with a single charger as long as you have a charging board. Check this vid out! He charges 4 3s batteries with a single Imax b6 balance charger. EDIT: Nvm I take that back its not an imax b6 but it is still a 6 cell limited charger exactly like the imax b6!


yeah but it will take double the time - so if you want to charge quickly two chargers are better.

Good point

Get some Velcro! is this motor from alien? wantet to buy the same but it were out of stock, so i got the 6374…

looks awesome . do a video please . everyone here is anticipating a video .

Sweeeet! =)

this thread was beautiful, up until I saw your last picture man! your electronics are on point but you need to spend time on presentation! Duct tape isnt a proper enclosure

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Could I use a parallel charger as a bms and 2 of this or every time I have to disconnect all 4 of them ?

thanks all

Dont worry, the plastic film and duck tape are just a temporary solution to make some tests I’m looking for making carbon fiber enclosure

I use 2 chargers to do not increase the charging time. the Imax B6 can provide 5A max en that allow me to charge each lipo pack at 1C. 1 charge 4 pack in a bit more than 2 hours, instead of 4h with a charging spliter board. or you can get a 20A charger that will charge all 4 packs at once at 1C rate

The motor is from Alien, yes. It was the last one in stock when a purchased it.

Video will come, I just made a quick test last night and I did not make video


Looks really nice. I’m trying to cut my own Vanguard deck, with stiffer wood, since I really dig Vanguard builds and how they look. You got any videos of the board without music? Kinda want to hear how it sounds when it rides.

This thread is not dead, I’m working on vesc and batteries enclosures and have no result to show yet.


Sick motor, do you like it?

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awesome :slight_smile:


hi there

here are some updates

I made a serial cable to charge 2x3S lipo at a time

I changed the motor plugs for 5.5 bullet plugs

And 90° angle extenders to connect to the vesc

To fil this cable holder

More pics soon.

I also installed Ackmania’s vesc firmware, and it works like a charm.


There are some really nice battery and VESC enclouse files on thinigverse if you interested.

some news

back on my temporary vesc enclosure

the 3D printed enclosure is a scrap from a friend. I used it as template to make a lighter and thinner one

And I applyed one layer of carbon fiber on the roadside of the vanguard.


next step, remake the enclosures with carbon fiber


Looks sexy as fuck! What kind of vacuum did you use to put the CF on?