Metr module not working with s8+

I tried connecting with the metr module (The original one not the pro variant). But my s8+ can’t find the module. Is there anyway to get this to work?

I tried the following apps:

  • Acmanaic vesc monitor
  • Metr
  • Perimetr
  • BLE bluetooth reader

The s7 edge from my little sister hower does work with it.

But yeah I can’t work with that.

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s9/s9+ wont work either. its android oreo on samsung devices whats messing up the older BT modules. you would have to downgrade to android 7, bind the module and then upgrade to oreo. the new metr pro module works with oreo though.

Jezus, is there any hope for android 9? Since that update is likely to come next month.

I would like to try the Android Pie Beta for my S9+ but not available here in Switzerland :frowning:

Well if you get it, can you please confirm here if it is working or not?

or just reflash the hm10 and it should work

I believe It won’t work with metr then.

I heard that you need special electroica for that. If I could flash it with an Arduino I would ;(

Thanks man i’m going to try it @home