Metroboard 40miles stealth addition

Got my metroboard 40mile pack version 2weeks ago and flew off the board the first day when i road it on top speed at the near bike park, and still my shoulder aches from that…

I requested a 26mph tuning when purchasing the board but ilan advised me not to go with it so i got a 24mph setting.

But despite the settings, when i looked up on my gps it hit 26.2mph just before I ran over a bump and flew off…(Guess its because my weight is only 68kg).

So when purchasing a metroboard, do not underestimate its speed and torque or at the worst situation, it will probably get you into serious injury.

Speaking of the remote settings of 9level speed mode, 4level break mode. I suggest to go with the topest. Not because that i like the speed but it has the most accurate reaction from the remote signal. So when you put a downgrade level setting through remote it will not react rightaway amd not accelrate or stop rightaway. You will know what i mean as soon as you try the board.

Quality of the board? No questioning is to be made. Its excelent.

Dont know why other people says its bulky, because the actual looks are much better.

With a 107mm and 40mile battery pack it should be weighting 11.6kg but on my scale it seems slight more heavier as to be 12.5kg.

Leangth…as my personal taste, It would have been better if it was arround 95cm.


Speed mode 3, brake mode 3 works much better in my opinion. 9 just wastes all the battery. Also you need to not go that fast for a long time until you are comfortable, and learn how to brake with just your feet to make you a better skater.


I haven’t adjusted my settings, but i should because the brakes are either on or off pretty much. Where could I find this programming info? The metroboard site maybe?

Try this

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Ah I have the old IR remote

Haha i think in that case you should ask ilan. He is mostly online if you visit the homepage there will be a chatting button at left side below.