Miami Electric Boards DIY Charger [How-To]

Is this for each single pin?

I counted on my VGA cable… it has 15pins… So, if 7 of them is taken for balancing (6s), I still theorethically have 8pins left… So does it mean I could push 20A through 4pins (+) side?

So far my charger puts out about 5amps… (~100w)… So, if it is not 20A total for 4pins… I assume 1.5A per one pin should still be fine…

I guess I actually answered my question… but if you have info that would be great!

Sorry for the slow reply. In the datasheet of the connector which i use it is indicated 5 Amp for each single pin.

if i were to use the positive and negative charging wire pins for the positive and negative of the first and last cell respectively, could i use this for a 12s pack?

also, how can i charge a 12s pack with a b6?

Is this still available for purchase?

If it isn’t, I have one for sale

Is there any way you could put 4mm bullet connectors on it? I was going to order it for a 6s (2 3s in series)

I don’t have any spares atm - you can solder your own however

I understand your tutorial here but I am trying to figure out how to do like the guy in this video he charges with one vga port,but has a total of 4 3s batteries (2 3s connected in series to make two 6s and then the 6s connected in parallel to make a 6s2p pack). I just don’t understand how to wire up one vga port for this. Do you guys by chance have any of these or could you make one

Yup you nailed it. You would set up two 3S packs in series to get 6S. Then you would setup both your 6S packs in parallel. Then Finally connect the parallel packs to the adapter(also in parallel). Unfortunately, I cannot make one at the moment as each one takes a bit of time that I do not have right now.

Most adapters you need are out there, the only one you would have to make is the VGA adapter.

3S Series adapters:

6S Parallel adapters:

VGA adapter: you could ask if anyone is selling one, or if anyone is willing to make one for you if you don’t want to try yourself.

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Ok thank you so much

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Do you need to disconnect from the esc when you charge ?

So is it possible to have a 12s setup (2 x 6s in series) with 2 VGA charging ports (one for each 6s) so that I don’t need to open the enclosure to change anything around for plug and play charging?

I hope so, I already made the 4 VGA port adapters accordingly. Even if I can only use 3 and have to charge each 6s individually and not at the same time with two external B6’s.

If this is possinle could someone please explain in a little more detail? (Sorry for being such a cottonheaded ninnymuggins)

You can do it with a single VGA port. I’ve done it with 10s (2x 5s in series), and it works great. You would need a 12s balance charger though. (or external BMS)

I understand that it could be done with a single port if I had a 12S balance charger. The big thing is I don’t, and they’re pretty expensive from what I hear.

Thus my plan is/was to use two Imax B6’s (or one if I cant charge both 6s batteries at the same time) as they are readily available, have a good rep, and most importantly, are affordable.

Does anyone know if this is possible / how it could be accomplished? Would I need an anti spark between the two batteries, as well as between battery/esc?

If so, would it be done with a parallel connector to each battery + VGA adapter in series with another parallel battery + adapter? Thank you all in advance!

Hey man could you send me the 3D cap file please ?