Miami Electric Boards DIY Charger [How-To]

##Hey eSk8!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the 6S charger I make using a VGA Port. I thought I would just make a quick guide showing you how it’s done!

#Parts: VGA Connects (Female/Male) 6S balance extension leads 18AWG Wire

#Skills: Soldering

#Step 1: Cut the 6S balance extention in half. Set up your VGA Connector to solder each lead to it’s own pin. There are 15. I use the Top 5 pins and 2 of the middle pins. Make sure you put heat shrink on the wires.

#Step 2: Preform the same steps as in step 1 on the other side of the VGA connector. VERY IMPORTANT Wires must match up/

#Step 3: Soldering battery leads. Split the battery cable into 2 pins (2 for Red and 2 for Black) 4 Total. This will allow you to charge up too 6amps. Sorry phone died at this step and could not take a picture before heat shrink.

#Step 4: Hot glue your leads! This will further insulate and waterproof each lead preventing a short but also keep the leads from getting tangles or breaking.

#Step 5: Connect in PARALLEL with your battery. Either with a parallel harness or soldering straight to your wires. And connect balance leads.

#Step 6: Charge! Connect the other half of the adapter to your charger and start charging!

#More info on Youtube!

Hope this helps a lot of you out who are looking for a simple charging solution!


good stuff! love the one I bought.

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do you mind drawing up a diagram to explain a bit more connecting it in parallel?

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This is awesome! A great contribution to to diy esk8 community


Realy useful modification. It was the simplest way for me to charge with Imax B6 witout open the box. (photo - summer 2015)

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just finished mine the vga port I used was 9 pin for some reason so I could only use one pin for the battery leads not sure how many amps I will be able to charge at. I used a cable mesh so that the balance leads would all be in one cable and wont tangle.


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Great write up! This is a really cool charging solution. :thumbsup:

this connector holds up to 5A.

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@link5505 Hope this helps. Let me know if you still need more info.


ah I see. the one I bought is already soldered to two pins for both positive and negative, correct?

Yup, All you have to do since you got bought it with no connections is Solder directly to your wires or solder your own connection and connect it in parallel. If you have any issues or questions PM or Email me :grin:

This is a great solution! Is it possible for you to send this charging adapter (only this thing) to Europe? I saw your message on your website stating, that you only ship within the US, but is it possible anyway with such a small item? It would very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

@OskarCastrone Yes, PM me or send me an email I can help you out.

This actually could make my charging much easier and seeing as just in proccess of building my board it just the right time to do it. Thanks the inspiration.

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where did you buy your cable mesh?

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Is it safe to just split Your battery power lead don’t you need some sort of protection?

I just had some left over from my Xcarve but I’m sure a quick Google search or a eBay search you’ll be able to find something

every time I look up wire mesh it gives me fence material :joy:

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Google “coard management cable mesh”

The braided lines are also used on pc so on eBay search pc cable braiding