Miami / FL Keys, how to take boards

I’m going to Miami and the Keys in August. Any advice on how to take a couple of boards with me? It’s Delta to and American from. I guess I could ship them to the hotel?

Any advice would be appreciated…

Where are you staying in mia?

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Honestly, for domestic US I just use fedex or ups ground as with couple days advance the rates and hassle are low vs worrying about what will happen at airport with all the rules in constant flux. Travel is already a hassle lol.

If you are hellbent on navigating the airlines and faa, tsa, etc I have done that a lot as well and it does matter by airline for the specifics. That said, have had least hassles by avoiding United and checking in bag everything but batteries and bringing them carry on with some other electronics. Have not tried anything more than 12s2p though, which while over the limits of 99wh and 160wh, still small enough to not get attention. I also throw it all ina loop fire safe bag and tape leads covered. That seems to impress that I am careful, knowledgeable considerate fwiw lol.


We r gonna be staying in key largo, we will be in Miami for the day 2 days. Should be fun :grinning:

I’m thinking I’ll just ship them if we take them at all. I’ll call the hotel and see if they mind accepting them. Thanks

yeah, I have yet to come across a hotel that did not accept packages in advance for guests but sometimes they suggest specific addressing or to someone’s attention to hold for your name. And with what airlines are trying to charge for checking baggage, the ground shipping charges are relatively low lol

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Was just there in June. US1 has a bike path, which is nice for not getting run over. Only did 2 nights in Key Largo before heading to Key West. Really wish I had brought my board for KW - streets are nice and traffic is slow. I’m sure there are interesting ride spots in KL but it’s really focused on watersports down there,’s a great place to learn to paddleboard.

Really interested to hear how you make out getting the boards down there. Spirit has a ‘no electric skateboards’ blanket policy, which sucks. I disassembled my board, but found out it would be an additional 80 to bring it, so no dice. Post office sounds like the way to go, maybe pack the deck in luggage and ship the mechanicals/batteries separately? Need to figure this out by October.


I live in miami its a nice place just bw carefull you will get run over lol. Wear a helmet!

Ill be using the shipping method to send both of my boards to NJ when i go visit family, plus id be able to finally try hill climbing since there are none here in south florida

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Ship to customer counter to hold for pick up then you don’t have to worry about the hotel staff.

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Thats probably what Ill do, would be easier and safer with airlines being pansies about everything :).

Good idea, never thought about them.

That’s likely what Ill do, sounds easy enough.

@caustin I’ve had hotel staff take my personal and credit card info and contact my bank, update my account info with their info and then attempt to make a fraudulent transaction for around $20,000 I just happened to check my account online and saw what was happening so I called my bank immediately and they froze the account. They said the fraudulent transaction was approved and would have gone through if I hadn’t called. I had to go to my bank with proof of identity to get my account reinstated. This is why I do not trust hotel staff.

Wow, that sucks. Glad you caught it.

Having your package insured and held at the customer counter is the safest way

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Customer Counter at the airport?


Maybe a UPS/FedEx Customer Service Center? Not sure hot the addressing would work though.

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No not the airport. UPS customer counter or Fedex service center in the city your going to UPS might be cheaper with full insurance.

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Ahh, gotcha. Good idea.

I’ll be in the keys next week. Gonna throw my board in the trunk. it’s a 3hr drive.

Anyone know any good paths in/around Islamorada? We’ll go all the way south for one day, but we stay at Colony Beach.