Milled Caliber Truck


My version of precision trucks using 2024-T351 aluminum. I’m almost done. Need to cut the curves for the hangars, round the nose for the pivot cup, and mill out extra material for the bushing clearance. It is designed to be a direct replacement to the cast Calibers I have. I’m doing this because I want a truly square face for the motor mount. The only benefit is choosing grades of aluminum with a higher strength to weight ratio than 6061-T6.


Are you extending the axel and hanger lengths or keeping it true to the original design?

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It’ll be somewhat true to the original design. I will be testing the one in the picture just using partially threaded 2-inch, 5/16"-24 grade 9 bolt. I’m betting on the unthreaded portion of the bolt to be close to 8mm. The next test will be using a 12" hanger with the same bolt.

I can use hangar extensions, but personally, I don’t want to because I have to use stainless steel or Chromoly steel and becomes a pita due to hardening from heat while cutting. Caliber uses 304 stainless steel axels on their precision trucks giving a definitive number in the strength of steel use when comparing to others.

Can’t wait to see what you get!! :grinning:

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Any chance you’d consider selling these? Could be keen for ones with extended hangers :slight_smile:

Very slim chance I would sell a pair of these. If I did, I would be using a CNC mill. Not very cost effective given how much to run a CNC mill.

Theres a $250 credit on I highly suggest people to use it. ITS FREE!!!

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How? 10,10

Cool! Didn’t know about this.

Update 1: Finished milled truck with the grinding/buffing wheel. 1st photo is of tooling marks from endmill to come as close to the line drawn on the marking blue. The second photo is the truck finished on the grinding/buffing wheel. I managed to make the pivot nose on the wheel. It was the only way I could do it. I know the photo looks distorted even though it is linked to Imgur.



Edit 1. I just mounted it on my board and realized I make the track width of this truck wider.