Milwaukee Batteries

Hi guys

I’m building my first board with 2 M18 Red XC5.0 batteries in series. M18 XC 5.0

I’m using this VESC from Mboards. ESC

Currently programming the Vesc and I need your guy’s help filling in the parameters.

Can someone please help me with this.

Also, how do you set the High medium and low speeds on my remote (Flipsky VX2)? VX2

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Free advice starts at 50 bucks.

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If you’re doing that, you’ll probably run out of power since they’re 90wh. But the batteries are samsung 25R cells (I would open to double check). Use the datasheet for samsung 25R to make the battery current max and regen max according to the Battery for safety. Its a 5s2p.

The remote: set it up using the max speed it can do. If its 3 speed, set it at 3 speed max.

Not always. Ive seen some be 30q and a few of the newer ones are 21700s, cant remember what cells though.

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Anything that says high output/ CPs are 21700 cells 40T for most (save the 6.0 - 8.0 ones. They’re different. I believe 30T and 40T. 12.0 are 40T and maybe the cp 3.0 ones but unsure since i didn’t buy it yet). The XC 5.0 are samsung 25R (as far as I know for the latest). It’s probably an older model because mine are 25R. Dewalt uses 30Q for theirs.

I would open the pack to see personally. But so far mine were 25R. I’m a milwaukee guy and like to see what i have inside to replace them if they ever go bad.

First before you can set up anything, you need to know how much current your battery can supply. So, how much? This might be difficult to find out, but it’s necessary. Looks like those are probably 5S / 21.0V batteries (each) and the “18V” is just a name.

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Ok.well i know for a fact they dont all use the same cells. I just repaired 3 9.0 that used 30qs. Milwaukee.

I dont like dewalt personally. Makita is what I use for work.

Out of 10 Milwaukee 5.0 3 were lgxxxxxxx 18650

All depends on plant and batch i rekon. My family’s lumberyard is also the largest Milwaukee tools distributor in Colorado. :kissing_heart:

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Nice. But yes, the 9.0 are 30q batteries. Its why some don’t actually like them due to being outdated. That and the bms sucks for both the 12.0 and the 9.0. Horrible cell drainage. They become way out of balance. Had to buy a balancer to fix it.

And yeah. Thats usually why I would open the pack first.