Mindless, First build | Mindless makali SK | Dual Flipsky 6355 190kv | 10s4p 30Q | Dual vesc 4.12 | E-caliber trucks | Eboardsolutions mounts+pulleys | caguama's

Hey everybody,

Update 27-1: Build is fully assembled, apparently I like working on electric skateboards better than studying for my exams. Who would have guessed. Only a few things left to do, #1 is installing the battery percentage display, I am missing the correct wire so until i get that in ill have to do without. #2 get a few extra bolts, stripped one during assembly and need to replace another because it is almost stipped. Anybody any ideas for some good quality m5 bolts? preferably torx because they just strip less. Added some pictures of the results.

Parts list: Mindless makali SK Orangatang caguama orange E-caliber trucks 63mm motor mounts from @e.board_solutions Wheel pulleys and motor pulleys (36-15) from @e.board_solutions Flipsky 6355 190kv x2 Flipsky vesc 4.12 x2 Flipsky anti-spark pro XT-90 loop key 10s4p 30Q by @Tijmen Homemade enclosure

Schematics: schematic

Pictures: (will be updated) IMG_20190119_235246170 IMG_20190119_235002432 IMG_20190119_235155003 IMG_20190119_235038754 image image image image image image image


Hello, most things look good, but I would swap out the flipsky motors with some from Torqueboards or bkb: https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

You don’t need both the loop key and the anti spark, as they both do the same job, but I would ditch the flipsky anti spark as well, the are pretty well known to fail. The vescs look good, as well as your BMS wiring. It is good that you did your research first lol. To answer your other question, it does not matter which wire you put the loop key on, both pos and neg will work fine

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Both positive and negative will work, but I heard it was safer to put it on the positive Not entirely sure tho

i would just go with the loop key (xt90 antispark)

Unless hes using a regular xt 90 :rofl:

Skip this.

Either get a Fatboy anitspark switch or loopkey.

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There is no point in using a regular xt90 for a switch because it would spark. You could but it’s completely unnecessary

exactly my point…

Beautiful Diagram! I’ve been scrambling trying to get myself comfortable with how to wire up the components and your drawing layed everything out in a way my brain can understand. :raised_hands:

I have already got them here, if they fail I will probably swap them out with some maytechs.

I’m going xt-90 antispark for sure, i think ill just install the flipsky and see how long it lasts. my reasoning was using the flipsky for regular turning on and of and then pulling out the anti spark xt90 whenever charging, or when the flipsky fails :rofl:

And she is done! Any body have a dutch/european source for good quality m5 bolts, I already stripped a few of the ones I am using right now…

is the dual flipsky vesc doing good? i’m going to buy them for a dual motor wanted to know what do you think of them before

I’m using 2 singles 4.12. don’t know yet, only had a chance to do a few short rides because of the weather.

Hey there- looks amazing! Which controller-receiver combo did you go for and how much was it (also for the flipsky escs too)

Yup mine failed this morning

It’s the flipsky nano controller. Since I was ordering there anyway I just decide to order one of those. It’s 50 usd or something, maybe a bit less. I ordered the two flipsky 4.12 vescs from AliExpress for 55 usd each.

Did it fail spectacularly or did it just stop turning on and off?

The latching switch stopped responding. It now sends power to the vescs with or without the switch like it’s constantly on. Only way to turn it off is by disconnecting the battery

What’s wrong with flipsky motors? Unreliable? Thanks