Mini AT build, the Kushboard Titan | 34" Jet Spud | Dual 6380 170kv | 12S5P 30Q | Trampa Parts | Focbox Unity

Hey guys,

This year has been filled with a lot of new experience and knowledge, as i started build my very first build, a 6355 dual drive in February, and a 6374 single drive in June.

Now, i’m currently scouting for potential parts for an AT build… maybe next year, or later this year. I’ve spent too much! :disappointed_relieved:

Now here’s the funny part. I’m not using a MTB deck that has the angles required for pneumatic trucks, i’m actually using this deck. Yep, it’s going to be a Mini AT board. Figured it’ll look cute, and also taking inspiration from @mmaner and his Spud AT.

So the next issue is the angle. Just plopping a spring truck on there would mean there’s 0 degree for turning, so that’s when this angled riser by Okp comes into play. Currently there’s 6 on interest including me, and we need 4 more. So if you’re interested…

Okay, so let’s say everything is dandy and i get the deck and angled riser sorted out, which trucks should i go for? I’m thing either Trampa or MBS.

Trampa has the Infinity Trucks, the Ultimate, and the Vertigo Trucks. MBS has the Matrix Pro and the Matrix II Pro that has a rubber bushing as compared to the spring trucks. I’ve tried the Matrix II on a Lacroix but i did not like the turning as much. Perhaps i’m not used to the Lacroix board. I might choose the Vertigo Trucks as they are lighter than the Infinity by 200g, but that may change in the future.

Now, the wheels. An 8" wheel on this deck would probably be an overkill and be too much of a monster truck to be called an esk8 :joy: so i’m thinking of around 7", or Trampa’s new 6.5" wheels

If i were to go the MBS route, i’d have the flexibility to choose various colors as they have a wider range, these hubs are calling out for me. Or perhaps there are other vendors out there that sell wheels with good options, let me know!

As for the motor mounts, i’m currently keeping my eye out for these ones.

With that, I think i’ll go for Torqueboards 6374 or 6380 motors, still undecided. The Potato deck is basically a longer version of the Jet Spud, so @Eboosted’s Double Stack Spud enclosure should fit nicely. Enclosure can fit a 12s6p. Holy shit… I might not go that high but that’ll be decided in future. Cells will probably be 30Q.

For the VESC, i can wait since this project will start later this year or next year, so if the Focbox Unity comes out then, i’ll probably use that. If not, the VESC 6 or ESCape are good options too.

So yea, these are my possible parts selection. Do help me decide which would you prefer and why, or if there’s a better option, let me know! Thanks for reading, hopefully my bank gets a bit fuller quickly so i can start building this damn thing!


Nice choices so far I think!

Building something along those lines as well. Not quite ETMB material as I won’t be going with the spring/shock suspension but rather standard longboard trucks and bushings. You could opt for gear drive and @kug3lis, @nowind and @kaly are your best bets there hands down at the moment. I’m going for a @hummie deck myself so seeing someone planning an AT build around a smaller deck is interesting to see.

I do plan on going 6.5" as well as anything over 7" is indeed overkill and would be alot heavier especially if you go through with 12s6p and Torqueboards 6380 lol(I’m going 12s4p on 6374 to make it abit more manageable) solid choices with the ESCs. I don’t really read anything bad about the Vesc 6 so far but I do plan on going for the Flipsky FSESC 6.6 based of the Vesc6 though I don’t know how it performs for EMTB uses which I think should be taken into consideration.

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Forgot to mention you can also consider @kug3lis’s hubs as those things are built to last because of the all metal construction :smile:

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Honestly if I had it to go over if use surf rodz tkp adjustable base plates and 110mm access and call it a day.

Look at @Sender’s lacroix build and you can see how the adjustable base plates will give you 30+ degrees of adjustability on the rise and 110mm access maker it plenty wide.




:arrow_up: this    

@okp build the thing you are describing :wink: potato deck + spring trucks.
Might want to reach out to him, usually super friendly

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this is gonna be sick man. Love the creativity.


@lxf thanks mate for the kind words !!!


The Surfrodz looks nice! I’ll take a look and see how it goes.


Beautiful! I’ve tried my friend’s Lacroix 8" AT board before but my feet keeps having the feeling of falling left or right. What do you think of it? Maybe it’s just my legs :sweat_smile:

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Anyone has owned Trampa Trucks? I weigh 70kg/155lbs and am not sure which dampers to choose.

Springs only for better turning radius or yellow dampas. If you don’t use bindings it’s harder to turn with dampas but without you’ll get speed wobbles at higher speeds. So it’s all about your desired average top speed.

I’m not sure if i will need bindings yet. I don’t think i’ll do heavy off roading other than grass or on unpaved roads. If only the soft ones were green dampers… i wanted to go for a black and green look for the whole board

You can check out the dampers that @nowind and @Kug3lis have produced. I hear they are a nice upgrade specifically for Jens’ newer dampers that allow for nice carves while maintaining stability

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Quick question, what teeth pulley would be good for, let’s say a 7" tyre? I’ll probably use 16T for my motor pulley and since the motors are 170kv torque should be ok.

Where can I get those SurfRod with the adjustable BASE PLATES

You would need a breast plate stretcher.


Sorry I could not resist.


:joy::joy::joy: you got that one


They have the adjustable TKPs still on the site. I dunno about the adjustable base plate RKPs.

I have both, and man I like em. Though they are really only worth the price (they cost as much as a full set of trucks by themselves) in very specific applications as once you get them where yoy want them, they will stay there