Mini Cruiser Builds and Decks

I just wanted to see all the mini cruisers out there.

I like longboards and all but they seem to dominate the majority of posts here.

Can you post your mini cruiser builds here? Also deck suggestions would be cool to post here too!


Here’s mine


Current WIP…

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It’s no secret that I love the mini cruisers. :slight_smile: I’m working on a new one now with the a Hi5ber Ion 30" and LiFePO4 pack.


I really want to move all my stuff to a landyachtz dinghy, because I mainly use mine for campus cruising. However, I am pretty tall and big so I am a little worried if I can still ride it well, is there like a rule of thumb for board length and width based off height and weight?

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My rule of tumb is to ask yourself How fast am I comfortable riding any given board at what speed without a motor Borrow a board that size and see if you comfortable on it

I’m personally comfortable on a short 28",8.5" wide board going 15-18mph so a motor makes no difference. I’m 6’2" and 220

@starfunkel Is that just a normal deck? Are those 83mm wheels? How does it ride?

cause they’re reversed trucks and the 83s are huge on it, very wonky. the wheels are closer together than they would be with skate trucks so whenever you get your foot near the nose/tail the thing wants to pop. I’ve gotten used to it. When my friend got on and put his foot down the nose dived into the asphalt before he got his other foot off the ground. basically the wheel pivot/pop point is closer to the center of the board.

with the ceramic bearings I got in there I can go like 3-4 blocks without touching the ground, seismics ride real smooth, with a vesc hopefully I’ll never touch the ground. shes stupid smooth with a ton of control.

I got half inch risers for motor clearance.

probably because they have the most wheelbase in which battery can be crammed. Can’t quite get so much range on a penny.

but i am planning on building out an old powell deck i have one day. it deserves some esk8 love for sticking around with me since 1991.


I have an old metroboard that I installed a new battery and PowellPeralta Deck with kicktail. I really dig it.

@marvinisarobot what landyachtz model is that? do you have any more pictures of the underside?

Model is the Dinghy 28’

And it seems he took the guts off of one of the Arc Boards models and put it on the Dinghy. Take a look at @marvinisarobot’s photo…specifically the wheels. And here’s a link to the two models that Arc Boards has: