Mini mod remote project

Hey everyone. So after a year of using a mismatch canotroller and not getting on with it I have made a decision to buy a mini remote. As most will know they run on AA batteries which is fine and convenient to get hold of but I want rechargeable.

So my plans are convert to Lipo ( already have 1s 800mah from a drone) so use these for now see how it goes. With possibility with li-ion in future for slightly longer run times.

Will then make a custom case with battery indicator and plug for charging which will be USB for ease of charging at work or once I get USB built into the board.

This is the remote for anyone not knowing which one. For not will mod this case while I test the Lipo conversion once testing completed I will look to 3D print a case to make everything fit right and have a better look. If I was to release 3D files for everyone to print what style of trigger would people like? Trigger as it already is or thumb style?

Also need ideas for a name? Minimod (MM) logo or somthing Cooper (like Mini Cooper the car)

So more to come once the remote has arrived and the voltage regulator and battery indicator.


So have ordered these two parts for the build.

This should regulate the power to 3.3v constant it will even up the voltage to 3.3v if the Lipo drops below which should keep the controller with plenty of power.

This is the battery monitor but won’t be having all on show but maybe some holes in the case so all you see is a small dot indicator.


Im actually going to do the same but with these batteries

Cool are they Lipo ? What size are they ?

Size comparison to a AA battery. Yea lipos i got them at hobbyking for $2.78 each. Im not sure how much they r now this was just one of the spares i had from when i made vape mods from nes controller.

Im alao considering these other ones just a little wider but more mah

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Cool thanks for the idea may go for the fatter one. I the future may make the controller thinner and nicer to hold. Will play with what I have for now until I know it’s working and stable.

Remote has arrived just waiting on the voltage regulator then can start modding and testing once I know it’s all working good will then start to design the case.

Does anyone have any desired shapes I may even keep similar to the original as it feels good to hold but will see.

So everything has now arrived. A truck bush for size reference and as you can see the voltage regulator is tiny just the battery meter is a bit bigger but shouldn’t be an issue. Will get this modded into the original case for testing then once it’s running ok and I’m happy will start to design a case.


Looking very interesting.

I did something similar with the mini remote and managed to squeeze everything into a benchwheel remote case. Make sure you get a protected lipo cell so the voltage can’t drop to below 2.5v and ruin it!


I don’t have a protection but I do have a battery indicator led to help make sure I don’t go to low.

Nice one! Do you by any chance have the schematics for the homemade Low battery circuit? :slightly_smiling_face:

@2-alex-2 Nice project! Looking forward to see how it goes. I also want to do something similar. I have the Winning remote which has a form factor I like, but it keeps dropping out while driving. Just received a Mini that I am gonna try out. I hope the communication is more robust.

What is the name of that 3,3v regulator?

I have been running another Mini Remote modded to use a 1S lipo for a year and a half, using it almost daily, with no regulator at all – just straight off the lipo voltage (max 4.2V) and so far have had no issues.