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I only build this board because I littery had all of the parts just laying around. I picked up the deck for the hell of it a couple of months ago while in Memphis working. Everything else is from previous builds, extra components, or parts from dead boards.

Here’s the pics and build sheet…

So, the deck is sooooo much fun to ride, but it gets a little wobbly and I’m standing right on top of the wheels. Im gonna flip the risers and try some new bushings to see if I can reduce that.

I’m using an XT-90s instead of a switch, but it works well and it cheap. I installed a volt meter on the side, so I can see my remaining voltage. I’m using the MEB simple charge port for 6s, cant say enough how genius an idea that was from @oriol360. Other than that its just VESC and batteries inside. Its very tight in the enclosure. I used some automotive door trim on the mount side of the enclosure, I need to go back and hit it with a heat gun so it will settle down a little, may even need to use some glue.

Super fun ride, serious old school feel.

EDIT: I also wanted to point out this was a really cheap build, considering I was only out of pocket 30 bucks for the deck. Other than that, just parts laying around. Even if I had bought everything it would still be pretty inexpensive at $650.


Nice deck - was also thinking of using one. Why didn’t you go for a @RunPlayBack style approach?


Thanks. I actually did build one like that as my first build, using a santa cruz screaming hand deck. It was definately more stable, but the loss of the kicktails negated the use of the deck type. For this build I wanted to see what it woul dbe like to maintain the kicktails, using them as foot stops and aids for carving. As foot stops it works, no doubt. Its not really that useful for tight carves, at least no more than a flat deck would be. I will probably move the trucks out at some point, but this is not the most comfortable board I’ve built, its for short hops only :slight_smile:.