Mini Remote Group Buy Part 3 10+ remotes - $36 for one Or two for $70 shipped USA🇺🇸 (Ordered)(received)

Roger that @dzilar

We are half way to the promised land :raised_hands:t2: .

Bump bump…

Still looking for 5 more people.

No more mini remote love :broken_heart:

If @cryzies is in then we only need 4 more

I’m down for 2. I rode @hummie 's board with this remote and it has a nice feel.

If my calculations are correct…

We just need two more…:grimacing:

ok ok I’ll take them! :money_mouth:

but only because the board in these is tiny! its begging me for 3d printed enclosure think gtb + nano remote!

then i’ll just end up selling one back to for twice the price lol :upside_down:

what do yo think rechargable? or stay with 2x AA?

Well the batteries on the mini remote feel like they last forever… But taking them out is a pain because of screw …

So if we have hit the magic 10 number…still open till I make payment …

Please PayPal [email protected]

Please pay as friends and family…BUT if you wanna do it the other way…you need to make up the difference to me…

That being said

$36 for one $70 for two

That includes shipping first class USA

Please add your call sign from this site and name and address so I don’t have to pm you…cause then I get all sorts of F’d up…

I got it super quick last time … So once I make payment …prob be 7 days till I get it…then I mail out to you the following day

+2 for me, hope that makes 10?

yupp that tiny screw… i’m think this cheap 18650, a micro usb charger, lots of leds, and slot for the mini led remote for board lights. charge it once a month or something…

trigger or thumb stick?

I was looking at different styles today…

Some one should make one like you hold a pair of sissors …

mmm i was thinking of something like that…

closed hand to stop, open to go… it is small enough, sizing will be weird.

any examples? :nerd:

There would have to be a pivot

I’ll buy one

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Cool just hit me … One or two?

Paid via PayPal.

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@Gswat @SteveS @Mikenopolis @thefer @dzilar @evoheyax

And @cryzies if you are still down

People are shooting me money for remotes

Yep I see it mate :facepunch:t2:

As it is above @bigredbakery