Mini Remote Group Buy Part 3 10+ remotes - $36 for one Or two for $70 shipped USA🇺🇸 (Ordered)(received)

Here we go again … Group buy for 10+ remotes

Missed it once…Missed it twice

Don’t miss it a third time

Just gonna include shipping. and round up…

$36 for one shipping included $70 for two shipping included

It’s a great remote that’s small and just works.

Uses just two AA batteries that last a very long time. (Not included)

Please post your request here…once we hit 10…I’ll hit you up for money. It takes abt one week for me to get them from the day the order is made…sometimes sooner. As long as I have your address by the time it arrives … I should be able to mail it out to you first class, the next day with a tracking number if you want it.

Thanks :facepunch:t2:

Maybe you could add that the shipping is included for USA (only?). I assume you wont include shipping to europe in the given price :wink:

Lol yeah…

I think it’s redundant

Still waiting on the rest of your stuff from the slow boat from China…

True Story lol

Add me to the list @Michaelinvegas . This Winning remote scares me

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I have two of them ones better than the other

Want one? Or two? Lol always good to have back up

just one. I’m probably going to get a GT2B and do the housing mod. not really fond of trigger remotes

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@Michaelinvegas I don’t need one but props to you for another cool group buy :clap:

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I’d like try one. Please add me to the list.

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Hey…it a good remote … Doesn’t take much to get a good deal …and the come pretty quick …

Thanks bud :facepunch:t2:

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And for those that want it even smaller

Just take the wheel off and dremel it down…

someone should make a smaller case for this

It’s already small…

no its not.

Yeah it is… The winning is too small

@Gswat @SteveS @Mikenopolis

All in for one each…

Just 7 more :wink:

im in for 1

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@thefer makes 4

Only 6 more to go!!

I’ll go in for one as well.

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