Mini remote red light blinking, what does it mean?

Hello I have this remote:

All of the sudden, a couple of days ago, the red light stated to blink only sometimes, when this happens I get very inconsistent signal.

Is my battery low or there is an issue with the receiver?

Did you try replacing the batteries? I am pretty sure it is a low battery indicator. I never reached low battery with mine, but I am pretty sure.

You could check the voltage of the batteries. I don’t think it will work with less than 2V.

Generally, if ‘‘signal is lost’’ the led light blinks… If it starts to loose connection or rejects binding with esc at all… try to replace the batteries…

You could have signal problems… my remote also started to blink a few times here and there… but only after moved away the antenna cable of the receiver… so it might as well be either antenna cable in wrong place (dropped connection sometimes?) or weak batteries…

You can try to go ‘‘far’’ distance from the board. see if the led starts to blink… though not sure how to check battery… just place a new one or measure the voltage of the existing one

I think I found the problem.

I found the receiver had crooked plugs, I straighten them back and I’m going out for a spin.

The batteries were 1.45V so they are still go to go.

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Did you hot glue them? I’ve got hot glued mine… lots of vibrations on the road… wouldnt like that the connector rattles / shakes loose :slight_smile:

Yes, after the incident I hot glued it and didn’t have the issue more, however after the ride I got it again.

It seems the remote switch has some sort of short, I’ll have to crack it open it tomorrow

mh I was also wondering how long switches like that last… mine is hopefully still going :slight_smile: