Mini remote with 2 receiver setup

I’ve got an arcboards remote that utilizes the mini remote pcb and receiver, and I’ve got a few extra mini remote receivers on hand. Was going to do split ppm but would like to try dual receivers for even more redundancy since I’ve read that mini and gtb can connect to multiple receivers at once. So do I just bind one and then bind the other as you would a single receiver and then power it on and it’ll work?


Yes. You can even bind them at the same time if you have two binding plugs afaik

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yup. been working flawlessly for me for the past year.

one thing that sucks is that you cant get the most accurate telemetry data as you CAN but easily fixed if you get one of the dual esc options that have come out recently.

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I set this one up. Did the bind on one receiver at a time.

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Possible to setup 2 receivers + 1 mini remote + can?

I’m pretty sure that won’t work because Canbus make one Vesc Master and one Slave PPM and dual receiver make 2 Master Vescs.

what are the advantage’s between using 2 receivers vs using a standard split ppm cable with 1 receiver?

Redundancy. One fails you still have connection.

where do you get just the receivers?

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I‘m interested in where to get just receiver too. One of mine broken and don’t want to buy a full set as the remote still fine. Bevor i have seen the receiver only on AliExpress, but can’t find it anymore.

Edit: found one @DilatedPupils