Minimizing Injuries: A short reminder

Okie doke…

This forum is full of injuries lately. Everyone has been preaching gear, including myself. But I feel like everyone is forgetting the most important piece of any sport.

Warming up, and Stretching.

For those that skate, analog, pushing a board can warm you up in a few minutes, allowing your muscles, ligaments, and tendons to relax, and do the work they are required to.

Getting on an Esk8, you’re a cold machine. It could take over a half hour of riding for your body to start to warm up. Get in an accident with a cold body, and your chances of injury increase.

This might sound silly to some of you, and you all will probably tell me to F*off. But do some jumping jacks, or some burpees, and take a few minutes to stretch out your legs, and lower back.

There’s not a professional sport I know of, that players or athletes do not take the time to warm up - as it increases the risk of injury. Again some of you may make the leopard or cheetah reference that they don’t warm up and stretch before running 70mph after an antelope. But their bodies are built different, cats have an internal body tempurature of about 103F, and are always warmed up.

We do not, we become less limber every day since coming out of the womb, and it takes considerable effort, to maintain limberness…

I won’t say much else, I’ll let you all decide what you want, as there’s already the “Helmet” and “Protective gear” discussions. But if you really want to try to avoid injury, having your body in a state of “Warmth” with blood flowing, and tendons and ligaments hot, ready to be stretched and worked. Will only help you on your quest of skating another day.

/random rant over. Please for yourselves, warm up and stretch.


Good point Decky! I always overlook this precaution. Your concern for others is exemplary, and I appreciate your input.

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That’s very true, I’ve upped my protection game and didn’t get a scratch on me my last fall but I did fracture 2 ribs as I landed on my arm and my arm went into my ribs so no amount of stretching would had helped me with that lol.

Now I ordered a chest and back protector.

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When I need to go get lunch real fast on my lunch break, none if this is what’s in the plans. I need a board to grab and GOOOO - with a helmet of course…


What chest protector did you choose?

Totally agree, that said over the years I’ve never really warmed up or down skating but esk8 is different I tend to make sure I feel ‘loose enough’ that I can run quick if needed.

Something else I’ve noticed - the better your core muscles are the better your body copes with impacts at speed.

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