MKV3 - Carvon 2.5v Dual 97mm | VESCs | 10S4P Li-ion

Here’s my third build (reworked from my first one), hub motor based, It currently has ~50 miles on it and it’s very smooth to ride compared to my belt one.

  • x2 VESC (Enertion and
  • Carvon Dual v2.5
  • Sulaco Enclosure from @RunPlayBack 10S4P Li-Ion - 40x 18650 Samsung INR from (~170 eur)
  • Battery capacity monitor (coulometer) (~35 eur) [link]
  • Proto Boards anti spark w led (~46 eur) [link]
  • 10S BMS 60A (~27 eur) [link] - [link2]
  • 10S 3A Charger (~30 eur) [link]
  • Koston deck
  • SMTBoard controller (~38 eur) [link]

Stats (recorded from the vesc):

w/ rider weight 105kg (230lbs) Max speed: 44 km/h (27mph) - theoretical max speed 54km/h Max range: 38km (25 miles) - at avg speed 20km/h Max vesc temp: 70C


Replaced hubs, now running dual Carvon v2.5 hubs:

VESC ride logs:

  • 1 - A, B

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The urethane on the hubs doesn’t seem to slip, I tried them at 6S and they became really hot pretty quickly, but with the 10S they seem to stay cool, I have still to try them on a long hilly track to see if they can whitstand the load (I’m ~105kg). Controllers (I have two of them) are super reliable, both vesc work well and seem to perform almost equally, charger/bms are good. I like the led inside the anti spark switch because not only looks cool but I sometimes forget my old board (the MKV2) on, and the vesc in standby discharges the battery a bit. The Sulaco enclosure is really massive, it could fit 60+ cells but I think with 10S4P I should be ok for now, I would like to make a 10S5P for more range and less voltage sag in the future

I’ve still to route a path for the cables in the deck but I’ll probably wait for the Carvon V2.5s to arrive (next week) and I plan to do a quick video comparison between jacob hubs and the carvons next month (carvons w/ 97mm flywheels).

Here are some shots of the old 6S setup, when assembling the current battery pack, power switch / coulometer details etc…

Build details:

The battery meter has good infos (voltage, percent of charge, amps remaining to be consumed) and it flashes while charging which is not bad.

Assembling the new pack:

I’m using standard 18650 battery spacers, some copper wire soldered on the cell solder tabs (I used a 80w soldering iron) Added some foam and taped everything together (I need some appropriate heatshrink I know)


nice works~~ i like the meter, i planning to use this meter too, but still figuring how to mount on top the deck instead at the bottom. Because can directly see meter while riding~~

Did you have wiring diagram of the meter?

Thanks, yes, that thing is awesome, seems so precise, I used the diagram found here in this post

I have the 50A version and there is only the positive wire to connect to, the negative is taken from the amp “sensor” directly


This diagram is base on my understanding. sensor have a B+ port, i not need link to which side (AorB).

You meter will light up when charging? Becoz i wish to see the battery level while charging.

Beside using coulometer, anyone know how to wiring a meter to show battery level when charging?

here’s my diagram, as I don’t have the 350A version but the 50A the layout is a bit different

everything goes before the anti spark so it can track the battery status when charging

the plus coming out from the battery meter goes on the + line

the minus need to pass from the sensor, the meter will get current from the meter itself (there are 3 cables that go to the sensor, 2 of them are black ^^)

hope that helps

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okay, so as my diagram, i should using A link. but the meter will always turn on event i dint charge or use? or i need connect between bms and lipo?

Yes I have an additional switch on the cable marked as + but I didn’t expose it outside the enclosure. I guess that the consumption is minimal because the lcd backlight goes off (standby) until you start charging the battery or press a button. I will probably switch it off only when I don’t plan to use the board for long periods

more pics of the second board, I needed to change deck because I cracked it failing to get over a small step lol, it’s a cheap deck but it works (yocaher drop down I got from amazon uk) It flexes a bit on the drop which is nice even if it’s 9ply. I have ridden it a lot so for what it costs I was more than fine with the idea to get a new one.

I would like to try another drop down deck, probably I will get thegravity tequila sunrise soon. If someone knows of any similar/good drop down decks with a very big wheelbase (33"+) please tell me ^^

enough with the words

here’s a photo update!

cracked deck lol (mkv2):

new setup for my previous board:

here they are, the two builds side by side:

mkv3’s (dirty) top - old mkv2 enclosure will have holes for the cables for the top motor as well, this time (because I have a second working build) I will manage the cables a bit better :smiley:

10S 3A li-ion chargers [edit]


I went for a ride today, 6 miles total, hubs handled very steep and long hills better than my single 6374 build (1 motor caused the vesc to overheat, with 2 vesc and these guys it seems fine, I still have to check the vesc temp to confirm this though…). braking was very good, the only downside is that where I live the roads/pavements are really not good, thus the thin urethane that covers the 90mm motorized wheels is not enough to dampen vibrations, I will try to get softer risers to see if that’s better.

Pushing is still a bit hard (I’d say at par as a single motor) because the magnet inside the motor make some resistance while pushing, I’m curious about this aspect with other hub motors, I tried an inboard and it was very smooth, but hopefully I won’t need to push much because the board will work 100% of the rides and I will never finish the battery, right? ^^

I was able to finish the ride but near home I noticed a thing…

here are some pics:

I noticed one motor vibrating a lot, the grub screw came loose and it rotated a bit

the cables were shorting a bit, I re-insulated them, tightened the grub screw and put a lot of thread locker this time, hopefully it will stay

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the hub stays, I had slightly slipping urethane on one wheel which I think I can fix with some double sided strong tape and/or some glue. Today Carvon(s) V2.5 arrived and I decided to try them while I fix the others (actually this made me think of starting a third build even if I think that I will probably make it and then sell another one because I don’t think I can have 3 or my wife will kill me lol).

will glue/tape these soon:

dual carvon v2.5 mounted, detected ok, will try them in BLDC soon:

dual vescs + lcd consume 2w in standby

The other build (dual 6374) has really a lot of power, I want to try that soon as well, looking forward to the w/e, hopefully I can make a short video too!


Have you tried the chargers yet? It says the output voltage is 16.8v.

Everything else is looking good!

loll, I posted the wrong pic! They sent me the wrong ones I actually sent those back and they replaced them very quickly, that was the pic I used as proof for them, the new chargers are 3A 42V, also I have this charger which is nice because it charges very slowly at 41.2v (95%) charge which should increase the battery life a bit.

Good to hear!

Does the second charger (that charges at 41.2v) stop at 41.2 or does it go all the way to 42?

It stops at 41.2v, ~95%, it charges the battery very slowly (36w vs 130w of the 3A charger) so I usually leave it overnight. That should help increasing battery life too

I wanted to make a video, I haven’t used the gimbal in a long time, I was a bit sleepy and this happened lol :slight_smile:

The gimbal was a bit broken already (my wife and his boss used it improperly) so I hope I can get a new one soon next month to make a full video of my usual ride (25m one way)

here’s the ride log (data from 1 vesc)


What app did you get that data from, it’s really nice

@makevoid I would like to know which app you used as well! You mist have it connected to your VESC with bluetooth?


How long did it take for you to get your v2.5’s? @makevoid

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not too much, they were worth the wait :wink: